Report Your Algae Sighting to DEP, Overwhelm Them, SLR/IRL

I, as many, have seen and received multiple algae reports via Facebook, text, and through the tremendous reporting of Tyler Treadway of  the Stuart News. Now, I am encouraging everyone to take the time, and it doesn’t take much, to report their algae sightings in the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, (DEP).

It was Mike Connor who reminded me to do this, after my husband Ed accidentally spotted the algae lines by plane off Port Mayaca ~in Lake Okeechobee~ on June 2nd, the day after the ACOE started discharging.

At first I thought, “I’m too busy for that…” and then I realized of course I need to report to DEP because then the state is obligated to document and to test it for toxcidity.

Better yet, if everyone who is reporting via social media and text called DEP, there would be so many test sites for DEP to test, it would exhaust their resources.

Oh well…

Since our resources are gone, this is only fair.

As they say: “All is fair in love in war.”

Please report algae  sightings; see link below.

If you can’t figure it out this unclear website, call the Governor’s office: 850-488-7146 or Noah Valenstein the head of DEP: 850-245-2118.


Off of Overlook Drive near downtown Stuart. A beautiful location, an area Ed and I considered building on.

Liz Dunn shared 6-9-18 just south of Martin Health System.

9 thoughts on “Report Your Algae Sighting to DEP, Overwhelm Them, SLR/IRL

  1. If even one person who reads and views Jacqui’s blogs votes for the Republican candidate for Governor, (whomever that may be) then there is no hope for Martin County. We have no other alternative….we have only our vote and our activism. We do not know what a Democrat Governor will or will not do, but we know what the Scott Administration and especially Adam Putnam has done, and it has been totally unacceptable. I am so sick and tired of people professing their LOVE for the rivers, lagoon and water quality and then voting for the same evil, lying politicians.

    1. I think Ron DeSantis is a good candidate. Much of Environmentalism started in the 70s under Republicans including Gov. Claude Kirk with Nat Reed, so it is not in order to make this a party issue that only Democrats own. People should vote for the person they believe, and for who can work within the system. If they are ostracized their intensions cannot blossom. This is a harsh reality. (Jackie you know you are my hero and thank you for your words.) Jacqui

  2. Dear Jacqui,

    I read EVERYTHING you post…… and this made me sit up straight and say ….. “EXCELLENT IDEA” …… You reach a huge audience of followers; not just Florida folk. I truly hope everyone will step up to the plate and report ANY algae sightings.

    I will do the same when returning to Florida. (not a FL resident yet.. but a Florida supporter and environmentalist from New Jersey)

    Just one of your many fans,

    Joan Manahan Indian River Plantation — and New Jersey resident

  3. Thanks, Jacqui. I reported to the DEP and sent the following photo taken yesterday by my husband from atop the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Palm City yesterday.

    Jill T. Page (772) 486-6380

  4. So, I live all the way down on SInger Island and went to see my grandchildren last week. I returned home and the water near the shore was tinged red and yes, I’m going to report it. It’s an environmental tragedy.

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