A Picture Speaks a 1000 Words About Florida’s Governors, CRC

The Florida Capitol is a walk through our state’s history. It’s really worth a visit just to look around. Over most of the walls, hang portraits and pictures that tell the story of our state.

Today, I thought I would feature what I call the “Hall of Governors” that one passes on the way to the Constitution Revisions Commission’s (CRC) headquarters. My photos are taken right to left as I exited the CRC, adjacent to the Governor’s office.

From what I understand, each governor has input into the mood and composition of his, (as there are yet no “her”), portrait. I find this very interesting. Look closely and see what this reveals.

And what shall be our future?

Le Roy Collins 1955-1961
Charlie Crist 2007-2011
Claude Kirk 1967-1971
Jeb Bush 1999-2007
Ruben Askew 1971-1979
Buddy MaKay 1998-1999
Bob Graham 1979-1987
Lawton Chiles 1991-1998
Wayne Mixon January 3, 1987-January 6, 1987
Bob Martinez 1987-1991

Governor portraits, Florida Dept. of State:

List of Florida governors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Florida

Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch is a member of the 2018 CRC: https://www.flcrc.gov

9 thoughts on “A Picture Speaks a 1000 Words About Florida’s Governors, CRC

  1. When It comes to people I have come to realize a picture does show all the sin and evil on the inside. I just hope God will give them the wisdom and power to over come all the evil.

  2. The way I see our many of our current Florida laws and state government is they are totally ineffective and inncompitant.. I feel what you have is a golden opportunity to make real changes. I will give just a few examples .

  3. One example is people have been getting drunk at bars —driving , killing and injuring people for many years. Every year something like 5 million people are injured. If insurance companies were allowed to be proactive instead of reactive they could provide transportation so people would not drive drunk and save billions and lives. What has stopped this is every time the police give a DUI it is about 3 or 4 thousand $ . That comes to a whopping 3 or 400,000$ for lawyers and state gov.. There is no way they are going to give up that cash cow.

  4. Every construction job I have worked on all the machines had a fire exstinguisher . This is so if they tip over–trap someone and catch fire(like what happened to my cousin) the fire can be put out. I recently saw Govener Rick Scott give rewards to policemen who pulled someone out just as their car burst into flames. Our county commission here recently gave awards to policemen who pulled a person out just as their truck burst into flames. To me this is totally unacceptable. Policemen are always the first on the scene and should be capable to put out these fires. I carry a AB foam and an ABC powder. So far I have put out 2 car fires and 1 truck fire —Thank goodness no one was pinned inside. How many fire exstinguishers could be bought with the millions spent on medical bills for every one person burnt alive?

  5. I went into John Tobia’s office today. He is one of Brevard Counties 5 county commissioners . I asked what the plans for the lagoon are(they now have 300 million) He said they plan to stick with the science. I felt like saying I know they have lying and stealing down to a science but I was hopeing they would NOT keep doing it. I found this very disheartening . I feel our state government has been hijacked by a bunch of lying thieves. I grew up seeing our state government this way so I guess everything is normal. It still sucks and it is our lagoon that will pay the price. They are dredging muck right where they intend to build yacht basins and useing the spoil for construction jobs. Like this is really going to save the lagoon. What a bunch of real estate tyrants makeing their fortunes on the backs of taxpayers..

  6. I never could understand why they take money from victoms of crime to feed and house the very criminals who victomized them. I also can not understand how forcing people to give money to a probation officer helps people who commited crimes because they had no money,. It is no wonder they stacked the deck so no one would bring up all the rotten things about our state government.

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