Map of Public Lands in the EAA, Lands Owned by the State, SLR/IRL

Reporter Tyler Treadway’s Stuart News articles today poses the question: “Can State Build Reservoir on Public Land to Move Lake O Water South?”So, I thought I’d share this map of Everglades Agricultural Area Lands in Public (State) Ownership along with a list of owners created by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. The piece noted in the article is the around the lighter looking triangle, #10 . It’s a great map and very educational…In any case, with any argument, #SupportJoeNegron


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#s enlarged

‘For his part, Negron said he just wants to get whatever land is needed to “store, clean and move enough Lake Okeechobee water south to reduce and ultimately eliminate the discharges. I’m open to considering all options: private land, state land, federal land or any other.” ‘ Stuart News

Tyler Treadway, TCPalm

President of the Senate, Joe Negron
Senator Negron’s proposed map for land purchase in the EAA.


8 thoughts on “Map of Public Lands in the EAA, Lands Owned by the State, SLR/IRL

  1. Most of the public land south of the Lake is already marsh and shallow water reservoirs. WCAs, STAs, FEB. Several hundred thousand acres. Higher grounds such as Corbett, Holey Land, Rotenberger all are used as well for storage by raising the water table.

    1. Years of advocacy work for me trying to insure public access to what would have been the fifth largest Lake in Florida. Depth 4 to 12 feet. The problem was the original levees were hardened and sloped so much you could not “climb” them. Thus, dangerous if you got trapped far from an exit point. The SFWMD had no intention for public access. You can imagine the outcry if hundreds of anglers driving up Rt 27 on the way to Lake O and saw this great fishing spot but not allowed to enter. Long story short, we got the design of the levee walls changed and boat ramps in the plan. Then, along came the lawsuit from the environmental groups to STOP construction because they did not like the “water supply” aspects and the counter suit from the Tribe to start construction. Things went downhill fast from that point.

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