Inspiration’s Luminescence on the Indian River Lagoon

Morning's Light on the Indian River Lagoon
Sunrise along the Indian River Lagoon, Jensen Beach. (Photo JTL)

light, noun: “understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment”

If you have ever had the chance to drive along Indian River Lagoon in the early morning or at sunset, you have probably been taken by it’s light.

No matter how “bad” the health of the river itself can get, at sunrise or sunset, there is the river’s glorious illumination. It’s one of those otherworldly gifts in a life that is often otherwise quite commonplace.

In the new or fading light of the Indian River Lagoon, we are renewed, and find our  inspiration to fight, and to save it.

1 thought on “Inspiration’s Luminescence on the Indian River Lagoon

  1. So true Jacqui.
    At times, I’v had the privilege of experiencing this from my sailboat and it truly is breathtaking, serine and peaceful. Thank you for reminding me of this.

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