Irresponsible Me…

Drawing of early Florida's Everglades south of Lake Okeechobee

I may have reached the peak of my “career” to be called “irresponsible” in a Letter to the Editor today  by US Sugar VP, Mr Robert Coker. The way I look at it is “they” hold the key to allowing more water to flow south to the Everglades and not through the estuaries. All the “responsible” projects in the world will not be enough to save the Indian River Lagoon/St Lucie River with out a type of flow system south. There is too much water….They are blocking our artery of life. To truly be responsible stewards of our state the Sugar industry must help us get more water south and not just tell us how clean the small amount of water they send south is…also, yes, trashing the IRL has all been a “problem” since the 1920s when the C-44 canal was dug, but it was not until the 1960s and the Cuban Missile Crisis, that the Sugar Industry’s success south of Lake Okeechobee soared, almost completely consuming the 700,000 areas EAA Everglades Agricultural Area, and really blocked any possible chance of water flowing south. I do want to work together, and they must do more than support the status quo. The public must call for this as people are what push politicians to act. Working together in this county is a “will of the people” not businesses and agencies that are intertwined and have been driving with a blindfold on for decades…

4 thoughts on “Irresponsible Me…

  1. Jackie, Coker is a smooth, PR man. He is spouting the same company line that has been their message for over 30 years. They know full well that the Flowway is the answer to our pollution. They are where the water needs to go, period. They can twist, or in this case spin, the truth all they want. It is convenient that the flow I to the Lake comes from the Kissimmee valley for the most part. They play that fiddle until the strings wear out! BUT, but, the bottom line is they need to relinquish, by whatever means, that strip of land that the state MUST have to build the Flowway. Nothing else project-wise in the pipeline does much for us. Irresponsible take on things? Hardly! It’s the truth!


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