Lake O’s Edge to Pal Mar/St Lucie Inlet

Greetings. Ed and I have just returned from three weeks of touring Florida’s west coast in our trawler, Adrift. It was awesome!  I am nowhere close to being back in gear (I am recovering one could say) but my husband Ed is…

Yesterday, 5-22-22, around 1pm, Ed took the RV for a spin and got some great aerials. I wanted to make sure to share. I will be writing more soon. Hope all my readers are doing well and enjoying the water!


-C-44 Canal at S-80, St Lucie Locks and Dam. No algae at S-80 but we did see some bubbling up in our wake in Lake O.

-Sugarcane burning near Lake Okeechobee…

Pal Mar’s lands  are under siege as you may have read about

-Light plume from rains, St Lucie Inlet at Hutchinson Island, Sailfish Point. Water is looking great after three years of no major discharges from Lake Okeechobee.-Sailfish Flats as viewed over Hutchinson Island. Pretty with seagrass “budding back.” Let’s keep those discharges at bay so it can grow, grow, grow!


4 thoughts on “Lake O’s Edge to Pal Mar/St Lucie Inlet

    1. Hell Tmorgan, I support Congressman Mast’s work for the St Lucie. The ACOE has not replied from what I know. The process would be like CERP, it can be done and will require advocacy and TIME. I am so glad to have a champion in our area as so many politicians do not address water issues with such passion.

  1. I live across from the hospital. The other day on my shorefront I saw fiddler crabs for the first time in years. The river must be cleaning up. Let’s keep the locks closed.
    Richard Miller

    1. Dear Richard, what a great thing to hear! Fiddler crabs! One of the most basic necessity for the food chain and something we used to take for granted. This is good news! Yes. WE MUST FIGHT TO KEEP THE LOCKS CLOSED!

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