Amendment to Senate Bill 2508

The Florida Senate passed an amendment to Senate Bill 2508 just about an hour ago. Some changes are certainly better than in the original SB 2508, but bitter pills remain.

I wanted to share the amendment so you can read it for yourself. Changes are in a toxic algae green. Certainly we will all be talking about this in the coming days as we try to figure out in full the amendment’s repercussions, and most important, what the Governor thinks.

Amendment to SB 2508

12 thoughts on “Amendment to Senate Bill 2508

  1. So now the Governor will will decide I’ll be standing in line to sign the next petition to reject this legislation

  2. Ed Killer’s front page article about this 2-17-22 in (the Stuart news) is still pertinent, unless you can tell us what the actual bill changed, Jackie. Please perhaps be send it to as many FL voters as all of you know?

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