Senate Bill 2508 in Black, White and Toxic Algae Green

Toxic algae under the Evans Crary Bridge, St Lucie River, Sewall’s Point 2016. There have not been long-standing, major destructive discharges to the St Lucie or Caloosahtchee since 2018. We certainly do not want them to return.

What is Senate Bill 2508? So it puts a constraint on how you optimize and operate Lake Okeechobee. It elevates water supply above all other system-wide objectives for lake operations. Three years of collective stakeholder work on LOSOM would be overridden forcing water supply guarantees in the EAA that consists primarily of sugarcane. Oh yeah, and if the SFWMD doesn’t conform, no money for CERP projects.

Today I offer Senate Bill 2580 Environmental Resources, which is part of Senate Bill 2500 Appropriations in “black and white.”

First, I share the easy to understand “Background and Effects” of the Bill that was given to me by South Florida Water Management staff at the beginning of the Governing Board Meeting, Thursday, February 10, 2022.

Second, you can read the entire: Senate Bill 2508 Environmental Resources

Third, you can read the entire Senate Bill 2500 Appropriations 

Fourth, highlights of Senate Bill 2508 Environmental Resources include lines 246-273 and 336-351

Fifth, highlights of Senate Bill 2500 Appropriations include section 1647.

Sixth, I offer the response of Governor Ron DeSantis that was also provided to me at the beginning of the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board meeting held Thursday, February 10, 2022. It is time to fight for our estuaries once again. Watch the SFWMD meeting here statrting at 1:23.

15 thoughts on “Senate Bill 2508 in Black, White and Toxic Algae Green

  1. Thank you for your effort as well as the SFWMD’s effort to educate the public on this horrible Bill and fighting for a balanced approach to LOSOM! I watched the Board’s comments of over 1 hour. The Florida Senate should be thoroughly embarrassed by the unethical end run by Big Ag/Big Sugar. They will be under the spotlight when they vote on February 17th. Fortunately I believe Governor DeSantis will veto it if the Florida House will be stupid enough to pass this Bill!

  2. Jacqui, There’s so much more to the other side of this story. I want you all working so diligently for our water resources to understand the ruin also effecting most people. I work diligently to help people understand that sugar (continued in next comment)

  3. is the largest factor in the deteriorating health of humans. The AMA and Educational Institutions continually mislead in this fact. So the giants you face have friends in many other leadership sectors to keep the status quo. You have my email if you’d like to ‘chat’.

  4. Can we demand an investigation on how this bill was born and brought forth. At least it would define the enemy.

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