Last Flight Old Friend

The Beechcraft Baron – whose distinctive wing tip has marked thousands of aerial photos since the infamous algae bloom year of 2016 – is flying to further skies. I thank this airplane for documenting the important issues of our St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon, Lake Okeechobee, and Florida Everglades. Ed and I never gave him a name, other than “the Baron.” I insisted that Ed take some farewell photos before he is handed off to a new owner.  I share those photographs today.

~Last Flight Old Friend, I will miss you.  

 -Early morning sunlight and rain combine in a beautiful farewell to an extraordinary place, St Lucie Inlet, St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon, Stuart, Florida 8:00am, 1-12-22. Ed Lippisch

  -Ed with Baron 6-19-2016

-Ed with Baron 10-30-21.

-Me kissing Baron goodbye…

12 thoughts on “Last Flight Old Friend

  1. Ed, Jacqui and The Baron
    I moved from Soho Manhattan to Stuart in 2016.
    I witnessed the effects of the algae bloom in our canal. Thanks to the education I received from your team visually. I have built a better appreciation of the SLR and inlet. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jacqui, Ed and of the Course The Baron…
    Fabulous job keeping us informed … job well done Baron!

  3. These final photos from the Lippisch Beachcraft Baron remind me of a glimpse of “heaven.” It is the way I feel about the view of clouds as you reach the highest point of the Evans Crary Sr. Bridge as you head toward the beaches –it is my way home. How lucky we are to be able to have such views.
    I am very grateful for the views Dr. Lippisch and his Beachcraft Baron have shared. .I am very proud of my daughter and he wonderful husband.

  4. My favorite aircraft model, the Baron, is sold! Ed must be moving up as I remember he loved the Baron. I remember flying with him in it and how much he loved flying it. I even remember you had a dog named Baron and our deceased cat I named Baron too.

    1. What an incredible memory you have Tom! Yes, our dog Baron, a corgi, was named after this plane. Ed takes such joy in the memories of flying with you and I of course remember when you taught me to fly in emergency situation and I cried. Love your photographs of our bird friends- living planes. 🙂

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