Keeping Alive the Power of the Public Voice

Looking back…

As we move into the LOSOM optimization process, let’s recall the power of the public voice that started this St Lucie “riverlution” in 2013. Today in 2021, the River Kidz have all grown up, we have all gotten older, and a slew of new advocates are involved. But as was clear at yesterday’s Rivers Coalition meeting, the movement is still going strong. It got me looking through my photo archives. Amazing! I wanted to share. Let’s all keep alive the power of the public voice for all our rivers – it started here.

TCPALM “Something remarkable happened on the Treasure Coast in 2013. Was it a short-lived phenomenon or the beginning of a sustained movement?”

The beginning of a sustained movement for sure!

~Photos from RALLY AT THE LOCKS, August 3, 2013. Over 5000 people attended having seen  surfer Evan Miller’s Facebook post call to action due to the “Lost Summer.”



7 thoughts on “Keeping Alive the Power of the Public Voice

  1. Let’s save the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers. The St. Lucie never received flows from Lake O and the Caloosahatchee received minimal flows filtered through wetlands. Move clean water south, remove the impediments including the Tamiami Trail and save the Sparrow habitat.

  2. What great photos of an amazing rally. I was there cause I saw in the Stuart News about the rally and I was curious. I remember hearing Marty Baum and Mark Perry speak and I had an environmental enlightenment spiritual change that day. Prior to that I’ve always been an out of doors person, but never thought much about issues, solutions, political process and governmental policies. This day sparked awareness in me and I am sure many others. Thanks for always inspiring and sharing your story Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch. Solidarity y’all!

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