ACOE’s Presentation: “CC is the Preferred Alternative”


Today, for documentation purposes, and for those who may not have been able to view, I share the LOSOM presentation slides of the Army Corp of Engineers from yesterday, 7-19-21. This presentation presents their preliminary preferred alternative, CC in twelve slides.

To view this presentation please click on this link: LOSOM PDT 19.JUL.21

Col. Andrew Kelly presents the preferred alternative via web meeting.


2 thoughts on “ACOE’s Presentation: “CC is the Preferred Alternative”

  1. Thanks Jacqui. Hopefully, further optimization of CC Plan S.R 3.5 will further reduce discharges to the West Coast. Additionally, I would hope the final LOSOM version will have the following statement: No discharging of cyanobacteria laden water will be made to the West Coast and East Coast during June, July or August.

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