On A “Perfect” Day

My husband Ed, and friend, Dan Velinsky, went fishing yesterday (2-9-21) at “Sailfish Flats” between Sewall’s and Sailfish Point. It was indeed a spectacular day, and Ed returned home smiling even though they didn’t catch any fish. “It was beautiful.” He exclaimed. “But no seagrass, no fish, except hiding by the islands…” Then he turned with wide smile“We even saw seven dolphins and two turtles! I taped them!”

 The whole time Ed was speaking, I couldn’t help it…

I saw a number flashing in my head: 15.41, the level of Lake Okeechobee on February 9, 2021. This number is high from a St Lucie point of view for this time of year. In June will come rainy season….

As ACOE’s Col. Kelly reported last week, the lake is going dow, but: “Today, the lake stage is at 15.42 feet, which is still 2.5 feet higher than it was one year ago, and 2.7 feet higher than it was two years ago.”


I share Ed photos “on a perfect day,” to document-  knowing – we must keep an eye on Lake Okeechobee and the decisions of  Army Corp of Engineers .

Click here to see Lake Okeechobee Level in graph format  

Both videos of dolphins in bluish waters 


4 thoughts on “On A “Perfect” Day

  1. It’s almost always good to get out fishing. Glad he got out on the water, at see level instead of 10,000 feet up. I am concerned also about upcoming summer. Our flats need a break from Lake O discharges. Thanks for sharing. Fire up the troops. Solidarity y’all

    1. Amy thank you! Incredible footage! I had not seen. I have a friend who goes down in the ocean with her husband and they film the hammerheads. Apparently they are not aggressive, comparatively, even thought they look so intense. I think they are fascinating and hope to see the 14 foot one soon! From afar! 🙂

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