After the Monsoon ~Aerials St Lucie River

A very rainy week! Up to 15 inches fell 5-22-20 through 5-29-20 in some areas of South Florida.

Today, family friend, Dr Scott Kuhns, flew the River Warrior II taking aerials of the the St Lucie River. He wrote: “8:15 this morning 5/29/20 can’t find any clear water! All the way past Jupiter.”

My reply: “This is really good that you have taken these pictures Scott. This is all tremendous runoff from C-23, C-24, probably C-44, as well as our tidal basin. The SFWMD Raindar chart shows it poured up to 10 inches in the past week in the area of Martin and St Lucie Counties. South in Miami, even more. The positive thing is this runoff discoloration of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon will fade after dissipating -when the rain stops -unlike Lake Okeechobee discharges that can last for many months unstopped, on top of such. Thank you! Interesting to know it is dark water all the way south to Jupiter. Thank you for taking these photos. They document our so called “local runoff.”  

SLR basins, SFMWD.


6 thoughts on “After the Monsoon ~Aerials St Lucie River

  1. Thanks to you and The Aerial Documentation Team for the so informative photos of our waters. Great communications, Thanks always.

    Hope you and family doing good.

  2. It should be noted that this is not in any way as damaging as long-term Lake O discharges, and the estuary water conditions improve relatively quickly. And the water is dark with tannins, not so much sediment (mud) that the massive Lake discharges bring.

    This should make everyone realize that nap each rains do leech more pollutants, such as lawn fertilizers, and yes, and,al waster and septic effluent into the waterways. Please follow the summer fertilizer ban from now until November.

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