DeSantis’ Words Make History for the River and the Kidz, SLR/IRL

On Tuesday, I will raise my right hand on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol to take the oath of office in much the same tradition that 45 governors have before me. With my wife, Casey, and our two young children, Madison and Mason, watching, it will be a pointed reminder that to whom much is given, much is required. ~Governor-Elect, Ron DeSantis

Casey and Ron DeSantis. He holds a River Kidz workbook. River Kidz LJ Leighton (pink shorts), Keile Mader also holding book. Carley Collins, Jack Maldonado Benson, Carter Streiber and Congressman Brian Mast, St Lucie River Tour

Tomorrow at 11:00 am, Ron DeSantis will be sworn in on the Capitol steps as the 46th Governor of the State of Florida. I met him once. The date was August 20, 2018 and he and his wife Casey, had come to Stuart to see the toxic-algae water problems for themselves. A boat tour had been arranged by Congressman Brian Mast’s office. The water was a disgrace, all explained why….

Ron and Casey DeSantis were attentive listeners, and took seriously the plight of the St Lucie River. They have young children of their own. Just a few days ago, DeSantis, wrote an op-ed referring  to his experiences along the rivers of St Lucie and Calooshahatchee. I  believe the tour and the words of the River Kidz had an effect, read below, and I know the kids too will be watching not just DeSantis but what all of us do…

“I will fulfill promises from the campaign trail. That means prioritizing environmental issues, like water quality and cleaning the environmental mess that has resulted in toxic blue-green algae and exacerbated red tide around the state. We will put Everglades restoration into high gear and make it the reality that Floridians have been promised for three decades.”  Ron DeSantis, Governor Elect  ~Full text, Tallahassee Democrat:

“Happy your’e here; not happy about the algae!” the River Kidz arrive to meet the DeSantises with River Mom, Cristina Maldonado, River Granny JTL, and Congressman Brian Mast.

Meeting the kidz 
Joe Negron and Stephen Leighton show Governor-elect DeSantis and Congressman Mast Brain Mast blue green algae in Shepherd Park

Algae floating in the SLR

Ron DeSantis, positions:

12 thoughts on “DeSantis’ Words Make History for the River and the Kidz, SLR/IRL

  1. Time will tell if he’s serious and takes on the sugar industry and the Ag industry and the developers….just finished the 2001 interview with Johnny Jones and the last words of that lengthy 43 page interview pointed to the sugar industry as the major culprit.

    Thankful for your blog! Dorsay Fischer Sarasota

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  2. Although his words sounded good when he was a candidate, I hope his ACTIONS as Governor speak louder than his words. Boy, would I love to apologize for my skepticism in the future when he does the right things, but he needs to act and quickly to satisfy me.

  3. Congratulations to the new Governor Ron DeSantis and President Trump for getting the money needed to buy the land south of Lake Okeechobee which has been needed for over 30 plus years.
    I will be writing a letter to the Stuart News like I have for over 30 years, but this time I will be congratulating the Governor and the President for pushing this to the success they have after many others tried and failed.
    It will be very satisfying to see much less water or no water at all going east and west into the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers which was the cause for all the algae we have had to endure for the last 30 years.
    I am very happy that the President and the new Governor to put these Rivers and the pollution they had for so many years on the top of their agenda, I believe that after some time we will have the Rivers that we had 30 years ago.
    I believe it will take a few years for the River water to clean up from the surface to the bottom, because much of that algae is still sitting on the bottom of these Rivers.
    After the water in the Rivers are clean on the surface, we will still have to wait for the pollution on the bottom to disappear, when that pollution is flushed out, we will be able to say it was worth the wait, then possibly the Blue Crabs that lived on the bottom of these Rivers and were famous in these Rivers, they could come back, wouldn’t that be great again?
    Thank you Mr. President, and to our New Governor Ron DeSantis.

    1. Joe— crabbers have went totally bananas here for over a year now. You can buy all the land you want and wait forever but the blue crabs are not going to come back until you bring back the little clams and tube worms they feed on.

  4. Thanks for this Jacqui. I’ve been curious about his view on sea level rise and climate change. Is he a denier like Scott? I’m curious because I want to update the documentary a bit if he is going to be more accepting of the science. BTW, we are making plans for the release in the next few months. We are getting an update together for posting as we speak. Thanks, Steve R.

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    1. Let’s talk. Not a denier but doesn’t like labels or hysteria….notes sea level rise. I would think he doesn’t want a situation as in France where people are protesting being taxed for climate – global warming.

  5. Jacqui. Keep up the good and great work that you and Ed are doing about OUR waters.. All the ariel pictures will help keep a track of the progress being made.. It will take many many years to clean up but will be worth it for our future generations to enjoy.. Got to start somewhere and sometime..I think our new Governor and Brian will keep the movement going.

  6. Today I saw 25-30 Great Blue Heron flying in V formation. I have never seen this before. I thought they were solatary birds

  7. On my way back from sebastion inlet I stoped just 1/2 mile south to watch the sun set. I got in the just right cool water and scooped up a hand full of sand to see what was there and on my first hand full I scooped up a brittle starfish. Then I scooped up a couple of the small clams that were the Ais indians favorite. I took them home and steamed them. They had a flavor all their own.

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