Come Together Florida for Clean Air and Clean Water! VOTE #YesOn9!

Nothing has given me as much insight into the political process as serving on the 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission ( When appointed by Florida’s President of the Senate, Joe Negron, my response was:” Are you kidding me? I don’t think I’m qualified for that.” He chuckled, and said in his confident, matter of fact way: “Jacqui, you’ll be fine.”

Although I did not have the experience of the other well-known lawyers and politicians, I was more versed in environmental issues, and made that my goal. After painstaking work, four of my citizen sponsored environmental proposals were rejected, ( but one made it to the finish line with close to a unanimous vote. This proposal was submitted by the Florida Wildlife Federation, and was a former Citizen’s Initiative ripe for rebirth: #91, Prohibiting Oil and Gas Drilling in Florida’s State Waters. In the end, the Style and Drafting Committee bundled #91 with #65: prohibiting vaping in public workspaces. I thought it was a perfect fit compared to be being bundled with any of the others; and the proposal would be bundled, I knew that.

Our theme was “clean air and clean water.”

As you may know, the amendment hasn’t been without controversy, and was taken with the rest of the bundled amendments all the way to Florida’s Supreme Court. Finally, they ruled on October 17, 2018, that the commission acted within its rules: “Unlike proposed amendments that originate through initiative petitions, amendments proposed by the CRC are not bound by the single-subject rule limiting amendments to one subject,” the ruling states.


Supreme Court:

To say I was relieved, is an understatement!

What a legacy for the state of Florida this could be! And November 6th, Election Day, is right around the corner.

Many times over the past year, during the stress of it all, I have visited the beach myself. Every single time I go, I am filled with inspiration. Walking along the shoreline watching young people, old people, people of every race, nationality, and socioeconomic  background;  studying seagulls fly, and pelicans dive with a skill beyond our human form; seeing silver schools of bait fish shining in the sunlight as the waves swell and dissipate;  watching smiling children bury each other in the sand, collect shells, and laugh as they run on little legs. Joyful!

The true happiness here belongs to all Floridians!

Do not let oil drilling ever take this away. This place, of all places, is where we can come together and appreciate God’s gifts of clean water and clean air. And when we have to pick up and go home, and Monday, be back at work, clean air should be guaranteed in our workplaces as well. We must protect what is sacred to us.

Come together Florida.

Vote yes on 9!

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