Brian Mast, Even More than a Congressman of His Word, SLR/IRL

It takes a lot for me to trust a politician, probably because at times, I’ve been one myself…

In 2016, when I was running for District 1, Martin County Commissioner, I met Brian Mast. We were both standing on the side of Martin Luther King Boulevard,  with our teams, holding signs in near 100 degree heat and off the chart humidity. There is always time to wipe the sweat off your brow and talk, when no cars are driving by…

Of course, Brian is a striking person, no matter the case, but when he told me the St Lucie River’s health would one of his priorities, although pleased, ~because I had heard that many times only to lead to disappointment, I was doubtful. Only Senator Joe Negron had ever won my full loyalty for his commitment to the river.

Well, by tremendous fate, Joe Negron’s legacy is being pushed, most outstandingly, now by Congressman Brain Mast. Brain’s consistent record for the river, since being elected in 2016, cannot be matched congressionally by anyone else in office at this time.

His two recent letters to the Honorable R.O. James, Assistant Secretary of the Army on June 7th, and yesterday’s letter, dated June 14th, 2018, to LTG Todd Seminole, Commander General of the US ACOE, are unparalleled in direct, passionate, and respectful communication regarding the damaging algae releases from Lake Okeechobee to the northern estuaries, These are game-changer letters, that will be documented, and referenced in the archives of Washington DC building our case for years to come.

I commend Congressman Mast; I thank him for not only keeping his word, but exceeding  expectations. He is more than a soldier of his word, he is am American, and a St Lucie River hero. And he must be reelected.

Please read both letters below.


Brain Mast’s website:

Meeting with C. Mast with EF in April 2018
Mast’s War Board for the SLR

11 thoughts on “Brian Mast, Even More than a Congressman of His Word, SLR/IRL

  1. WOOO-HOO !! Go Brian !! He’s always had my vote. BEWARE: Dave Cummings plunked down $11K (because he was too good to walk around and meet people face-to-face to get signatures to get on the ballot) to enter the race against Brian. He’s a snake that attends the gun shows telling the dealers that Brian abandoned the SECOND AMENDMENT. He also tries to slander Cong. Mast by saying he’s a millionaire – was given three homes – and other stupid things. That’s all he’s got to run on – defaming our hero.

  2. I followed you and your concerns for our communities regarding the horrible discharges from Lake Okeechobee.

    If you are going to use your platform to endorse politicians, count me out.

    Brian Mast, while working well for our environmental concerns, is not totally truthful in blalming everything on the federal government. It was Florida politicians who dug the hole we are in.

    Brain also advocates disastrous policies for seniors, healthcare, and education. He is a Trump acolyte.

    So…if your going to become a Republican Party endorser, through your newsletter/blog, I’m out.

    Mary Beth Schreiner


    1. Thank you for your comments and I take responsibility and respect your opinion. I have done so for at least the past 3 years as far as endorsing just a very few candidates. This is not new. My blog definitely offers political insight and I stand up for those who are helping the cause on a very significant level. I don’t endorse many….I have supported both main parties’ candidates (Patrick Murphy and Joe Negron) For me it’s about the person. Water is politics. Nonetheless I am sorry it offended you and I wish you all the best.

    2. Don’t let red vs. blue divide us on this issue. We all desperately need to work together to clean up our waters! Regards from Ft Myers ~

  3. I stopped at Brian Mast office and gave a letter on what has happened to the lagoon to his female assistant— she said she knew you. If it looks like it is going to be more of the same bs here in brevard county I am thinking of hireing an army of homeless to hold up a sign at election time. The sign will read—how can you tell if a politician is lieing?(In big leters it will say) WHEN THEIR LIPS ARE MOVEING. I think they will all be willing to work for a six pack of beer each.

  4. One thing I can say for sure is our spend-a-holic state and federal government has done wonders for assult rifle sales.

  5. I agree with replys— It took both the Clinton dynasty and the Bush Dynasty with all their greedy ,corupt lawyers to put us 20 trillion in dept.. Maby we should cut their federal pay and pay them for what they are worth

  6. To me the American flag behind the boat is symbalic. The boats propeller, with its hundreds of horsepower is grinding up and killing the creatures in the lagoon. It is amazing the last of the manitee have not been chopped up. Is this what America has become? When these creatures are gone they are gone forever. There is no bringing them back.

  7. Brian Mast did and is doing what he said he would do. He is working to stop the pollution of the rivers and estuaries. The way to support him against a big sugar pollitician is to contribute as much as you can even if it’s a dollar.
    And if we have no clean drinking water what difference does the second ammendment make!

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