What!? What was Approved by the CRC for the 2018 Ballot?

Full CRC, 3-21-18

P 6001: Rights of Crime Victims; Judges
P 6002: First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benefits; Public Colleges and Universities
P 6003: School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools
P 6004: Prohibits Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling; Prohibits Vaping in Enclosed Indoor Workplaces
P 6005: State and Local Government Structure and Operation
P 6006: Property Rights; Removal of Obsolete Provision; Criminal Statutes
P 6007: Lobbying and Abuse of Office by Public Officers
P 6012: Ends Dog Racing

You may have read a plethora of articles on the completed work of the 2018 Constitution Revision Commission and thought to yourself, “What!?”

Today I am going share the CRC press release that includes all of the proposals, now revisions, that will become constitutional amendments for the public to vote for or against on the 2018 ballot. Here they are in one place where you can easily research them.

Six of the proposed amendments are grouped, and “related.” Although for many, controversial, in my opinion, this can be a good thing, is perfectly legal, and we all know this was done in similar but not exact fashion by both the ’78 and ’98 CRCs. Unlike Citizen Initiatives, the CRC is not held to a “single subject.” There is a reason for this; it allows more ideas to be included. To be inclusive was the goal as there were over 2000 public or commissioner proposals submitted, and only 20 were approved to go on the ballot. To accommodate, six groups that were determined to be legally related and achieved at least 22 votes by the commission are “bundled.” Two though are separate. ~for a total of 8. In the future we will study each amendment, grouped or alone,  independently; today those that were voted to go forward to the ballot 2018 are presented.

I am proud of the work of the commission! It has been my greatest honor to be a part. We devoted over one year of service, and heard thousands of diverse Floridian’s speak out. We have provided many varied choices for voters to move into the future of the next twenty years…until the 2038 Constitution Revision Commission convenes! “Getting there” should be interesting, and we all must get involved to make Florida’s challenging and changing future the best possible. We must read, study, talk to other fellow Floridians, debate, and VOTE!

I have read many articles myself and wish to share one that is great at simplifying the 8 amendments as it provides a chart. This article is written by Aron C. Dunlap of Carlton Fields in West Palm Beach. I do not know him or the law firm, but I thank Mr Dunlap for publishing:

Please go here for chart: (https://www.carltonfields.com/florida-constitution-revision-commission-meets-for-final-time-and-approves-8-ballot-measures/)

Hmmm? 20 more years until the next CRC….I will be 74 years old by then! How about you? 🙂

CRC Office — Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, April 16, 2018, CONTACT: Meredith Beatrice, (850) 508-5204


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Pursuant to Article XI, Section 2 of the Florida Constitution, the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) today voted to approve eight revisions to be placed on the 2018 General Election ballot for voter consideration.

CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff, said, “For more than a year, Commissioners have traveled across the state to speak directly with citizens about the changes they want to see in the Florida Constitution. After months of in-depth research and debate, the CRC has narrowed down thousands of comments and ideas into eight final revisions for voter consideration. From protecting our state and territorial waters from oil drilling to strengthening our ethics laws, I commend my fellow Commissioners for their hard work and leadership representing the people of Florida. We are grateful to the thousands of Floridians who participated in this historic process and look forward to letting voters have the final say in November.”

Proposed constitutional revisions on the ballot must secure at least 60 percent voter approval to become law. A formal report will be submitted to the Florida Secretary of State as soon as possible. A list of the final revisions approved by the CRC are provided below; the full text of each revision is available on flcrc.gov:



Once every 20 years, Florida’s Constitution provides for the creation of a 37-member revision commission for the purpose of reviewing Florida’s Constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration. The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) meets for approximately one year, traveling the State of Florida, identifying issues, performing research and possibly recommending changes to the Constitution. Any amendments proposed by the CRC would be placed on the 2018 General Election ballot. For additional information, visit flcrc.gov. Follow the CRC on social media @FloridaCRC (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

CRC website, press release: http://www.flcrc.gov/Media/PressReleases/Show/1099

CRC official photo March 2017

16 thoughts on “What!? What was Approved by the CRC for the 2018 Ballot?

    1. Thank you Mary. Not sure if you are correcting my grammar or meaning that some of the amendments could be legally challenged thus not being proposed….? I did go back and rewrite some to be more clear. Yes this back and forth is all part of the process. I purposefully did not pass judgment in this blog as it is enough just to digest what had been approved as the CRC’s final product –by the CRC 🙂 As always I am very interested in your comments and it is all public record.

  1. So nothing to protect our Estuary; thanks so much for trying. Our only hope is to elect City of Stuart Commissioners who will retain a full time environmental officer to file all administrative complaints and lawsuits to stop the Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District from continuing to poison our River. Ironic the Corps need to do an Environmental Impact Statement to build the very inadequate reservoir (which we need to support), but they do not need to do an impact statement to arbitrarily release billions of gallons of polluted water and suspended solids into our river and ocean. Sugar just stands in the way of the needed outlet for the water, but it is our government officials who are doing the polluting; perhaps with Sugar’s direction, but it is not Sugar opening the locks or refusing to build an adequate flowway south to actually clean the water, recharge the aquifer, and protect our coastal residents. Hope someone with a backbone steps up soon.

    Best regards,

    Mac Stuckey

    1. Thanks you Mac. Yes I tried for land but was only able to get my proposal 91, “No Oil and Gas Drilling in Florida’s Territorial Seas, our state waters, approved” for the ballot. Of course, I will continue to work for our rivers! Looking forward to your run of City of Stuart Council!!!!! Go MAC!

  2. Thanks for your service.  All the best. Eula R Clarke, Esq.  Law Offices of Eula R. Clarke, P.A.  615 SW St. Lucie Crescent Suite 105  Stuart, Florida 34994  Phone: (772)220-3324 Fax: (772)220-1805  Email: eulaclarkelaw@yahoo.com  Statement of Confidentiality: The contents of this e-mail message and any attachments are confidential and are intended solely for addressee. The information may also be legally privileged. This transmission is sent in trust, for the sole purpose of delivery to the intended recipient. If you have received this transmission in error, any use, reproduction or dissemination of this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately notify the sender by reply e-mail or phone and delete this message and its attachments, if any.

  3. Thank all you guys for your service and letting me have the freedom to tell it like it is. It is a hard statement for me to say our state government is as bad as Stalin but what has happened is very similar. Instead of the Blue lagoon today the front page of our newspaper called our 36 mile long Banana River the POO lagoon. In 1930 Kiev Ukraine was using machines to industrialize their farming and it looked like Kiev was going to be rich and provide food for everyone. Moscow next door in Russia did not like the thought of being poor so Stalin the leader of Russia came up with a plan —using only lies and treachery he removed all the food and gained total control. One of the biggest issues our state faced was commercial fishing being opposed by private fishing. Private fishing out voted the commercial fishing and it looked like our estuaries were going to provide food for everyone takeing the money and power away from our state government. What we have now is a POO lagoon. The 520 and the 528 causeways are calcium. Last year hurricane Mathew — with high tides and winds turned much of this calcium carbonate to liquid. Coquina formations came back and waves churning in them are causing algie . This is not a bad thing but if the bacteria eating this algie sucking all the oxygen out will cause a horrific fish kill. This is the truth and you will not hear it from our state gov. or their lieing media. A few weeks ago we celebrated Jesus riseing from the grave(Easter) .Pilate was the political leader at the time and he did not want to kill Jesus. The Religious demonic possessed special interest groups wanted blood. Nobody wants to have a target on their back and politicians giving in to special interest groups is why our country is now 18 trillion in dept. The good paying jobs that have not been out sourced have been insourced by cheap forign labor. What a mess!!!

  4. As you know last summer I put shells and sand back along US1 where Henry Flagler and others removed them from. Water was high, barnicals and oysters grew. This winter water level dropped, leaving a white shore of barnicals. Waves beat violently all winter long on this shore creating foam. Last week water was brown —–this week there is a new color that has not been seen in a very long time. under water. THE COLOR IS GREEN!!! As you ride down US1 for miles and miles you can see green turtle grass and manitee grass. Of course I had my polorized sunglasses—what a beutiful site. Now I will focus on fresh water runoffs in Banaana River. You will NEVER have clean water if you do not bring the chemistry back on the shore.

  5. I am writing from my mom’s computer and when I looked up there is a picture of former president James Madison on a calinder. A quote of what he said was this—–A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce(begining of a lie) or a tragedy or perhaps both. I would say this quote definatly applies to the mess we are in. I hope you will share the information I have given to the people in this picture

  6. Are you kidding? James Madison is hailed as the founder of our constitution. England was trying to put us in the same financial dept. that China has us in now. Had England caught him in the Revolutionary war they would have quickly tied him to a post and shot him. If he were here today the selling out of our country that has been going on would come to a quick and violent end. Jack Creval is a fish that Americans really don’t like but china loves. Our fishermen here have been selling them to china. Bring back our estuaries and maby we can get our dept. under control peacefully.

  7. One simularity between our state government and Stalin;s government is that no one was ever charged with any crimes for what they done. Half a billions wasted up here and half a billion wasted down there. Maby you guys should just dig a big hole and throw all our tax money in it.

  8. I recently heard a report on TV from the Trump administration . They said they did studies and found if the US was hit with a electomagnetic pulse weapon (WMP) All the electronics it takes to get food to market would be fried and 90% of the US population would starve to death. If you go to the food section of any —publex—windixie—walmart—etc. you will see ALL the fruits and vegitables come from other countries—fish too.A solar flare like the one that hit the earth in 1859 would have the same affect.

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