A Letter to CRC Commissioners, and Citizens of the Great State of Florida; 5 ~Environmental Proposals


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November 21, 2017

Dear Fellow Commissioners, and Citizens of the Great State of Florida:

As many of you know, I firmly believe our quality of life as citizens and our state’s economic vitality greatly relies on the protection and preservation of our environment.

As we begin our important work of examining proposals in committee, I wanted to share additional information about the following five proposals I have sponsored to protect Florida’s natural treasures for future generations.

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St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon (Photo Jenny Flaugh)

1) Proposal 23: At the basis of my environmental protection argument, I believe above all Floridians should have a constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment. Read more about this proposal at the following link: https://t.co/JZiYwr0kMf. I also recently authored an OpEd on this topic in TCPalm at the following link: http://bit.ly/2zSqrl9.

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2) Proposal 24: I propose an elected “Commissioner of Environmental Protection” who will have supervision regarding matters pertaining to environmental protection that the Department of Environmental Protection and the Water Management Districts are authorized to implement and administer. Read more about this proposal at the following link: https://t.co/D5lEgRFxNe.

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3) Proposal 46: This proposal would help clarify how funds are deposited into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. Read more about this proposal at the following link: https://t.co/x37BxRu2sj.

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4) Proposal 48: This proposal would give the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission authority to establish rules limiting impacts to habitat, and wildlife corridors, in the same way they currently establish limits on impacts to individual animals. Read more about this proposal at the following link: https://t.co/5Gh4BfPfIY.

A bird covered in oil after the Deep Water Horizon explosion, 2010. Photo courtesy of Associated Press.

5) Proposal 91: This proposal would prohibit oil and gas drilling in Florida territorial waters. Read more about this proposal at the following link: https://t.co/IkCCIdd4Wj​.

The ongoing debate over the deterioration of our environment should not be about politics. Rather, it should be grounded in the welfare of our natural resources, our wildlife, and the citizens of our great state.

It is an honor to serve as a CRC commissioner. Please contact me if you would like more information or have questions and thank you.


Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

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Commissioner, & Chair, General Provisions

Constitution Revision Commission 2017/18

The Process:

These proposals will be, or have been referred to a committee, or multiple committees. If they “get through committee,” and are supported later in early 2018 during the  final public hearings, they will be voted on by the full CRC to go, or not to go, on the 2018 ballot. You can support or communicate concerns regarding these proposals by going to the CRC website above and writing the commissioners. If you are really determined you can go to the Committee tab and look at what each committee has before it and narrow it down when you write commissioners. You really have to check the website daily to follow. Anything you can do  is appreciated; we are a better state when we all make an effort to be part of the process.

CRC website: http://flcrc.gov/

Here you can see all the proposals and what committees they will be brought before: http://flcrc.gov/Commissioners/Thurlow-Lippisch

List of all commissioners and what proposals they have made: http://flcrc.gov/Commissioners/Thurlow-Lippisch

16 thoughts on “A Letter to CRC Commissioners, and Citizens of the Great State of Florida; 5 ~Environmental Proposals

  1. Thank you Jacqui for your hard work on these revisions. Important steps to a better future. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Fingers crossed for our environment and your proposals, the land and water in Florida definitely need some advocates at a state level. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. All that sounds good. Look carefully at some of the education proposals – some of them are very much against public schools.

  4. I made 2 drifts out on our lagoon today. As I would drift I’d throw out hand fulls of crushed coquina shells. Tube worms use these shells to weave macroalgie and cause the acid and base to react completeing the cycle. They ancor down the macroalgie so it does not drift to shore and stink. 600 pounds of shell should make a lot of tube worms happy. I caught a glimps of Dr.Phil show on tv just now and they had a girl whose mom made her sick with pills to make it look like she had lukhemia .This was all so her mom could get money. They have been doing politics with the lagoon for years and I am starting to think there is more money to be made if the lagoon is sick.

  5. You have, Jacqui, my most firm support for the good and diligent work that you do to save and protect our beautiful and delicate Floridian environment.
    Let me know if and how I could help you.

  6. I would like to propose that the internet be used to count 20 million Floridians votes on how THEIR tax money is spent and take the power out of a bunch of bribe takeing tyrants hands.

  7. I think the CRC deck is stacked. 15 appointed by the govener—9 by the speaker of the house—9 by Joe Negron the senate president. I am certain the citizens of Florida would truely be represented is you selected CRC members from the thousands of veterains who believed in our form of government enough to volenteer to go fight for it and have tried to make an honest liveng(in Florida)but found the deck was stacked against them and they lost their jobs(to forign invaders)—homes —everything..Then if this were not bad enough you money grabbers took away their right to vote.

  8. To me nothing should be as inportant to the CRC as propisition 68 by sen. Tom Lee. Government accountability for tax dollar spending. Every thing else is muddying up the water. Rick Scott stacking the deck is like 12 alcoholics being selected as jurors in a drunk driveing manslaughter case.

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