Florida, The Greatest Real Estate Development in the World, Unless…SLR/IRL

This 1925 Florida News Real Estate Investor’s Guide, reminds us exactly how developers saw Florida in 1925, “as the greatest real estate development in the world!”

Sure, Florida remains perhaps “the greatest real estate development in the world,” unless of course, our waters are, “now and then,” filled with toxic algae.

Let’s hope that the Florida Memory Project’s future timeline will not reflect that our generation allowed the destruction of the greatest real estate market in the world because we thought we had more time that we really did…


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Community gets primer on toxic algae | Clay Today, 8-30-17

JTL 9-1-17

3 thoughts on “Florida, The Greatest Real Estate Development in the World, Unless…SLR/IRL

  1. If you look you will find all the sewage treatment plants are located right on the IRL. If you put calcium beach sand in there will be no doubt they have been dumping sewage for a long time. The good news is our historic lagoon was self cleaning and could handle millions of tons of sewage naturally.

  2. Right now many Floridians are makeing money selling saw palmetto berries . Last year the state burned thousands of acres just just as they became ready to pick This year they say no one can pick on state land because the animals eat them. Some ranches allow americans to pick on their land (may God bless them)— Other BIG ranches bring in cheap forign labor . These rancers that do NOTHING to help the citizens of Florida will surely use the millions they are makeing to BRIBE our politicians. I would be willing to bet these same BIG ranches get all the tax breaks. The reason I write about this is I believe you can never restore the lagoon until the rotten government that destroyed it (and the special interst groups they represent) are removed from power.

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