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Canadian Fire Smoke Over Florida, 10-3-23

A Thurlow family text  for the history books…

9:22 am October 3, 2023

Brother Todd: “Did you guys see the sun this morning? I never stop on my morning run but I had to pause to take a picture. It looked like the moon.”

Jacqui: “Yeah, really something. When I drove over the bridge twenty minutes ago on my way from Sewall’s Point to Stuart, I said to myself ‘what is that?’ The sky looked like a huge fog bank coming from west to the east.”

Sister Jenny: “There is some weird haze in the air. Does anyone know what it is? I got an air quality alert on my radar and I saw it last night and this morning.”

Sister-in law Deanna: “My co-worker just said it is the Canadian wildfires.”

Jenny: “Crazy!”

Todd: “Looking at satellite imagery now. Unbelievable stream of smoke. I will try to compile and send.”

Deanna: “The article mentions Central Florida, but wondering is it is stretching more south towards us? Wouldn’t be surprised with all this crazy wind we’ve been having.”

Mom Sandy : “You guys amaze me.”

Todd: “Smoke being sucked down from south of Hudson Bay on September 28. If you zoom in you will see a little read dots Those are thermal anomalies (wildfires being picked up by the satellite.”

Jacqui: “Photo doesn’t do justice. Smoke is all around, more than Stuart. I am in Palm City now. You’d think the fire was burning nearby in Okeechobee, not Canada.”

Please  link here to view the video “Canadian Fire Smoke over Florida” 10-3-23, Todd Thurlow or see below if You Tube is displayed.

“If you live in Florida, you may have noticed the smoke in the air on Tuesday morning, October, 3, 2023 This is a two-day loop of 276 GOES-East satellite images, 10-minute intervals from 10/2/2023 @ 9pm to 10/3/2023 @ 8pm. You can see a low pressure system in the northern Atlantic. That system pulls a stream of smoke from the northern Atlantic towards Florida on 10/2/2023. It arrives overnight and is over Florida on the morning of 10/3/2023. The north Atlantic smoke originated from wildfires near Hudson Bay in Canada. You can make the video loop by right-clicking the video and selecting “loop“. ~Todd Thurlow