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An Inauguration Speech for Florida’s Waters, Environment, and Future ~DeSantis

~Thank you Governor Ron DeSantis for including water and the environment in your inauguration speech, not once, but multiple times, and for making a clean environment a goal for your administration and for our children’s future. JTL

Below is excerpt; full speech below.

…”Our economic potential will be jeopardized if we do not solve the problems afflicting our environment and water resources.

People want to come to Florida because of its natural beauty. Tourism is not only a pillar of our state’s economy, it helps spread the tax burden to non-Floridians, limiting taxes on our citizens. But this could be in jeopardy if we do not solve our pressing environmental problems. As the great philosopher Yogi Berra remarked: if people don’t want to come nobody is going to stop them.

For Florida, the quality of our water and environmental surroundings are foundational to our prosperity as a state – it doesn’t just drive tourism; it affects property values, anchors many local economies and is central to our quality of life. The water is part and parcel of Florida’s DNA. Protecting it is the smart thing to do; it’s also the right thing to do.

I will lead the efforts to save our waterways. We will fight toxic blue-green algae, we will fight discharges from Lake Okeechobee, we will fight red tide, we will fight for our fishermen, we will fight for our beaches, we will fight to restore our Everglades and we will never ever quit, we won’t be cowed and we won’t let the foot draggers stand in our way.

We resolve to leave Florida to God better than we found it…

Full text and video DeSantis’ inauguration speech: https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/ron-desantis-inaugural-speech-read-the-full-transcript