Dramatic Lake O Algae Aerial Videos S-308 – 7-12-23

Date taken: 7-12-23 at 1pm/Location S-308 and C-44 Port Mayaca, Lake Okeechobee, FL/Pilot Ed Lippisch.

Three videos are included of the large cyanobacteria-blue green algae bloom off of S-308. S-308 opens into the C-44 (St. Lucie Canal leading into Stuart and out to St. Lucie Inlet.) This bloom waxes and wanes based on conditions but it “always there.” Nutrient pollution must be overcome.

S-308 is presently closed by ACOE. Keep your eyeonlakeo today measured at 14.87 feet.

~A picture speaks a 1000 words; a video…


4 thoughts on “Dramatic Lake O Algae Aerial Videos S-308 – 7-12-23

  1. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! These pictures are why we cannot accept the unacceptable of discharges to the West Coast or East Coast during the wet season. It is imperative that we address the legacy phosphorus in the water column and sediment of Lake O.!

  2. maybe instead of the Governor sending plane loads of migrates to cities he needs to fly containers of algae to Washington

  3. Unfortunately, only going to get worse. Lake held too high during dry season. Never got a chance for muck colloidal suspension to settle out. Too deep and murky for the cleaning SAV to even sprour. (The sea grass of Lake O). One moderate storm and the Colonel will be forced to dump the dirty algae filled water out of the Lake. Water that should have been released when cooler with no algae bloom in pulse releases months ago. Following LOSOM has set up a potential disaster for the estuaries.

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