Ed’s Aerial Report 74 Days After Discharges Begin

Documenting the Discharges – 2023 to St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon from Lake Okeechobee – 74 days! 

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Time: Around 11 am

Tide: High at Sewall’s Point

Pilot /Photographer: Ed Lippisch

Location: St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon, St Lucie Inlet, Nearshore Reefs, Atlantic Ocean, Sailfish Flats, Jupiter Narrows, S-80 St Lucie Lock and Dam in St Lucie Canal (C-44), and S-308 at Port Mayaca at Lake Okeechobee

Hope giving “Seagrass Restoration Report” Power Point by Michael Yustin:  Martin County Seagrass Restoration Project Thank you Michael for sharing!

Present discharge updates inn top banner: eyeonlakeo.com website – Todd Thurlow

S-80 at St Lucie Locks and Dam in St Lucie Canal (C-44)

S-308 at Port Mayaca – Lake Okeechobee no visible algae with cooler weather – sediment visible making lake cloudy

ACOE/SFWMD Environmental Envelope and present lake level is 14.39 feet

2 thoughts on “Ed’s Aerial Report 74 Days After Discharges Begin

  1. Water is continuously polluted and smells south of the crossroads. Incoming tides push the discharges south down the intracoastal and into the St Lucie preserve. I was kayaking the preserve yesterday at the time of the pictures. The water in Hole in the Wall smelled like sewage. It’s disgusting. Do they ever test the water in the Preserve? When will they pass the law that allows us to sue the scumbags releasing the toxic water that lingers around my dock and in the preserve?

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