A Different View~Western Port St Lucie

-September 21, 2022 at 10:48 am, SW Gray Fox Lane, at Heron Preserve, Port St Lucie, FL, aerial photo by Ed Lippisch. 

A Different View~Western Port St Lucie

I once read that as a city grows, road names reflect a time long past. This is certainly the case here in western Port St Lucie. The name the road below is “SW Gray Fox Lane,” but there are no longer gray foxes running here. And the development? Ironically, “Heron Preserve.”  Don’t think so. Just scraped and squared wetlands that once cleansed water running south. Our river cries for days long past.

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  1. Very interesting. Martin county is now building on every plot of land available too. No more land preservation. Sad.

  2. I live in Lost River behind the Cracker Barrel.
    We are currently objecting to a zoning use change at Lost River Road and Kanner hywy.
    We would like to join with others that wish to stop the change to the long term zoning use plans.
    Please send any ideas you may have.
    Thanks again for the pictures.

  3. Jackie, just finished watching on Prime Video the PBS production, “THE SWAMP”. It’s a documentary concerning our Everglades over the last 200 years, and the constant differences between the developers and the environmentalist over the years. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas (River of Grass)
    is highlighted, and even Maggy Hurchalla had a few things to say.
    I recommend it.

  4. Yes, and Martin County is heading in the same direction with opening up the Western County to higher density. The Corps has created a plumbing system instead of a natural wetland which was the miracle of the Everglades. We need to break the pipes and let the water return to where it should have always been — trillions of gallons of fresh water flowing through the middle of the state all the way to Florida Bay, creating beautiful habitat and restoring our fresh water aquifers instead of just being wasted by dumping it into the ocean and killing our estuary in the process. Okeechobee water should never be sent through the C-44 Sewer Pipe into the St. Lucie River. The water transfer rule should not allow the Corps to put untreated polluted water into the St. Lucie Canal, because it is really a man-made sewer pipe and not a natural water body which has any business flowing into the St. Lucie River. The City of Stuart needs to sue the Corps and every agency involved with allowing this to happen. Stuart needs to hire a dedicated environmental attorney, as a City Employee, to petition every agency and court to get a permanent injunction until it stops, permanently, and the Corps is required to clean out the river and restore the seagrass. An outside law firm will be too expensive, and they would not have the River’s best interest at heart because the big politically connected law firms don’t want to upset the sugar politicians either. Martin County will not ever do anything because its commissioners are now owned by the Sugar industry. Stuart is the only chance, and I implore every citizen, even outside the City, to contact the Stuart Commissioners and demand they do this. We seem to have two new good ones who want to make a better plan to reduce density and slow the growth, and both have said they want to clean up the river. The old ones talked a lot but they never took the necessary action and allowed unbridled high density construction which will clog the streets and parking. Our millions of dollars of donations to nonprofits has yielded very little besides talk. We need action to save the River and the Indian River Lagoon, and the Corps and the “flood control” districts have talked us to death for 100 years. Stop talking and start fighting. “Building relationships” with the upstream leaders builds false hope and has really gotten us nowhere. It is like a dysfunctional man married to a borderline wife. It never works and people get hurt unless they confront those who are destroying them. 100 years of dysfunctional relationships with the Corps, Big Sugar, and their politicians is enough.

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