Memories of Maggy Hurchalla

On February 19, 2022, famed environmentalist Maggy Hurchalla passed away. I shared shortly after this time, that I had asked my historian mother, Sandra Henderson Thurlow, if I could see her, “Hurchalla file,” and she that handed me a box.

The box included news articles from the life of Maggy and of her family as well. Today I share some of what was in that box so that it is available to all as we remember the great environmental and controlled-growth heroine of Martin County.

Earlier News Articles and Columns

Al Burt’s Florida, “Scrub Pines & Saw Palmettos,” Maggy Hurchalla


Stuart News, Edward Filo, Maggy In For 4th Term, (Pg. 1)


 PBP, Janet’s Little Sister, Carolyn Fretz


Political mail-out Maggy Hurchalla 


Stuart News, Hurchalla Reflects, Dan McCue


Stuart News, National Award, Jim Turner


 Stuart News, Maggy Hurchalla,”IRL Poster Child for Everglades Restoration”


PBP, Hurchalla Lauded for Everglades Work, Jennifer Sorentrue


PBP, Maggy’s Development Fears, Michael Browning


Maggy Hurchalla’s speech, “Sugarland Rally” 

O-2013 (1)

Stuart News, Hurchalla Fighting to Protect Her World, Sade Gordon

O-2013 (2)

Stuart News, Reno Remembered as Janny, Tyler Treadway

O-2016 (1)

PBP, Growing Up With Janny, Staff Report 


Various articles/publications, “Maggy & Lake Point”

Authors include Lisa Broadt, Eve Samples, Kimberly Miller, Gil Smart, Patricia Mazzei, Mellissa Holsman and Donald Rodriguez.

O-2018 (1) O-2018 (2) O-2018 (3) O-2018 (4) O-2018 (5) O-2018 (6) O-2018 (7) O-2018 (8) O-2018 (9) O-2018 (10) O-2018 (11) O-2019 (1) O-2019 (2)O-2019 (4) O-2019 O-2021 O-2022 (1)O-2022 (5)

Maggy’s passing

Stuart News, Max Chesnes and Lamaur Stancil

O-2022 (3)

Stuart News, Blake Fontenay


Family Obituary of Maggy Hurchalla

O-2022 (4)

Articles on Maggy’s mother, reporter, Jane Reno, and sister, U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno

1979, TROPIC, Andy Taylor (incomplete)


1979, TROPIC, Robert Hardin


Maggy Hurchalla, 2015, Capitol Steps Tallahassee, “swimming in solidarity fish” in the fight for no harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges to the St Lucie River, created by artist Janeen Mason. (Photo, JTL)

Sandra Henderson Thurlow’s full list of articles. As I wanted to focus on Maggy, not all articles were used in this post. Reno/Hurchalla-amazing family! 

1979, March 11, TROPIC, Andy Taylor, “Calamity Jane”

1979, March 11, TROPIC, Robert Hardin, “Reno: Year One,”

1983, July 12, PBP, “Newspaper Pages a Treasure Trove for Miami Family, 1984, “Scrub Pines & Saw Palmettos,” Al Burt, MH,

1984, July 22, MH, R. A. Zaldivar “Reno sticks to low-key defense of job as prosecutor,”

1984, Sept. 19, MH, Margaret Landers, A Model Comes Home (Hunter Reno)

1985, March 10, MH, Margaria Fichtner, “Janet Reno”

1986, Nov. 5, SN, Edward Filo, “Maggy in for 4th Term.”

1987, January, Mademoiselle, Hunter Reno on cover

1988, Oct. 2, “Democrats whoop it up,” Photo with Buddy McKay

1991, June 7, SN, Edward Filo, “Alleged assault by Hurchalla investigated”

1992, Dec. 23, SN “Jane W. Reno,” obituary

1993, Feb 11, Prodigy, “Clinton Taps Miami Prosecutor to be Attorney General.”

1993, Feb. 14, PBP, Carolyn Jay Wright, “Janet Reno, Jane’s Daughter”

1993, Feb. 20, “Reno’s song,” (rapper Anquette’s “Janet Reno”)

1993, July 12, Time Magazine cover story, “Reno the Real Thing”

1993, June 12, PBP, Carolyn Fretz, “Janet’s Little Sister”

1993, March 29, People Magazine, “’General Janny Baby’”

1993, March 9, SN, “Demos want smooth sailing in Reno confirmation hearings”

1993, May2, Parade, Barbara Gordon, “Let’s Not Mix Things Up”

1994, Fifth Term Mailing with eight articles

1994, December, USAir Magazine, Rudy Maxa, “For Janet Reno, home will always be the wood-and-brick house that her mother built in Dade County, Florida?

1995, May 15, The New Yorker, Peter J. Boyer, “Children of Waco,”

2000, Feb. 13, SN, Dan McCue, “Hurchalla reflects on past battles in politics,”

2000, November 19, Parade, PBP, Peter Maas, “’I’ve Tried To Do My Best,’”

2001, Jan.22, SN, Terry Spencer, “Janet Reno back in Miami, but has little to say,”

2003, April 12, PBP, Jennifer Sorentrue, “Hurchalla lauded for Everglades work”

2003, May 20, SN, Maggy’s speech in Washington D. C.-

2003, April 8, 2003. SN, Jim Turner, “Hurchalla receives national award.”

  1. Jan.9, PBP, Michael Browning, “Maggy’s Developing Fears.”

2012, July 12, MH, Elinor J. Brecher, “Robert Reno, brother of former U. S. Attorney General dies.”

2013, March 17, TCN, Sade Gordon,  Hurchalla fighting to protect her world”

2013, Sept. 1, “Sugarland,” speech by Maggy Hurchalla

2014, Nov. 22, SN “Mark Wood Reno,” obituary

2016, Nov, 8, PBP, Carl Hulee,“Janet Reno 1938-2016 First female attorney general endured major controversies.”

2016, Nov. 8, TCPalm, Tyler Treadway, “Reno remembered as ‘Janny’ by sister in Stuart.”

2016, Nov. 8, USA Today, Jane Omyanga-Omora and Kevin Johnson, “Janet Reno, first female US attorney general, dies,”

2016, Nov. 8, PBP, “Growing up with ‘Janny’”

2018, Feb. 13, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Hurchalla trial goes into its second week.”

2018, Feb. 14, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Hurchalla takes stand in civil trial.”

2018, Feb. 15, PBP, Kimberly Miller, “Mining firm wins $4.3M judgement,”

2018, Feb. 15, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Hurchalla found liable, must pay $4.4 million.”

2018, Feb. 4, USA Today, Eve Samples, Hurchalla heads to trial against

2018, Feb. 6, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Hurchalla Case Begins.”

2018, Feb. 7, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, Opening statements in Hurchalla case.”

2018, Feb. 8, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Lake Point lost millions because of Hurchalla, company contends.”

2018, July 18, PBP Kimberly Miller, “Ex-Martin official loses car, kayaks in judgement.”

2018, July 22, USA Today, Gil Smart, “’I will not be destroyed,’ says defiant Hurchalla.”

2018, Sept. 30, USA Today, Lisa Broadt, “Sierra Club, ACLU continue fight for Hurchalla.”

2019, Aug 9, Maggy Hurchalla 2020, Email “Lake Point Escape.”

2019, June 20, PBP, Kimberly Miller, The $4.4M email: Ruling goes against

2019, June 21, TCPalm, Melissa E. Holsman, “Hurchalla loses $4.4M appeal to 4th DCA.”

2019, June 9, USA Today, Maggy Hurchalla, “Fixing Lake O levels means sharing pain.”

2019, March 11, PBP Kimberly Miller, “Environmentalist’s $4.4M appeal: Influential emails versus protected speech.”

2019, Nov. 25, News Services of Florida, Jim Saunders, High court could decide fate of Reno homestead.”

2019, Sept. 8, New York Times, Patricia Mazzei, “2019The Florida Activist is 78. The Legal Judgement Against Her is $4 Million.”

2020, April 15, USA Today, Melissa Holsman, “State Supreme Court rejects Hurchalla appeal.”

2020, April 16, Hobe Sound Currents, Barbara, “No Surprise in High Court’s Ruling on Maggy Hurchalla’s Appeal.”

2020, Jan.12, USA Today, Melissa E. Holsman, Maggy Hurchalla’s appeal denied by Supreme Court.”

2020, June 16, Maggy Hurchalla, “The Merrill-Lynch Bull.”

2022, Feb. 19, USA Today, Max Chesnes and Lamaur Stancil, Environmental advocate Maggy Hurchalla dies at 81.”

2022, Feb. 19, “Margaret Reno Hurchalla,” obituary

2022, Feb. 23, USA Today, Blake Fontenay, “For activist Hurchalla, ‘fighting the good fight’ never ended.”

2022, Hometown News, Donald Rodrigue, “Martin County loses Maggy Hurchalla.”



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  2. Wow. No wonder they call this the Treasure Coast. What wonderful things you have shared. Thank you Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch and Mrs. Thurlow for sharing these treasures. Wonderful wonderful stuff.

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