A River Kid Grows Up – Evie Flaugh

In the fall of 2011, the River Kidz were born. A grassroots youth uprising due to Lake Okeechobee discharges hurting St Lucie River wildlife and the power of social media that was in its infancy. A mixture of over one-hundred children, parents, and politicians came to the original River Kidz gathering and fundraiser at Sewall’s Point Park. A ten year old and an eleven year old had just changed the trajectory of their lives, and the river found a voice in a new generation.

Now it’s ten years later…

~Full disclosure, Evie Flaugh is my niece, the daughter of my younger sister Jenny and her husband Mike. Evie is the only child I have seen born into this world and it is heartwarming to watch her mature.

Recently, while I was Adrift on the St Johns River, Evie released her Capstone Project 2021 for Rollins College staring first and foremost the Everglades, along with interviews with Dr Leslie Poole, me, Maggy Hurchalla, Eve Samples, Mark Perry, and Nic Mader. The product is  impressive and very professional. So proud of my River Kid! BTW Evie won “best” class! I’m allowed to brag; I’m her Aunt 🙂

Evie’s fourteen minute video “Send it South” is posted below on YouTube. Please watch. Please share. Please comment. My plan is to do a series of post about our grown up River Kidz.


-Evie Flaugh (11) and Naia Mader (10), September 17, 2011 co-founders of River Kidz, Sewall’s Point Park, 1st official event. Photo JTL-Evie 2021. Born and raised in Stuart, Evie co-founded River Kidz with Naia Mader in 2011. She remains passionate about activism and fighting for the environment. She recently graduated from Rollins College with a degree in Critical Media & Cultural Studies and is currently in her first year at the Crummer Graduate School of Business, on track to receive her MBA in May 2023.  The “Send It South” documentary was her senior capstone last May. (Taken from Evie’s interview on WFLM with Robert Delancy, September 30, 2021; photo Evie’s Facebook page)

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  1. Both of my sons grew up on the banks directly on the Indian River…I lived there for 33 years commencing in 2018 …I watched the deterioration 1st hand …when we first moved to the riverfront ; the sulfer fumes from the sun rotting the river grass were unpleasant…compared to 2018; when…it was a “naked river bottom” and the once incredible fishery collapsed …in Jensen Beach between the bridges …it has become reminiscent of Lake Worth …DEAD…To counter the fresh water infusion additional salinity from the Atlantic Ocean by way of massive culverts or additional inlets must be introduced as an immediate bandaid…long term the participation of enviromentalsts will indeed heal the river…but…an emergency action must be taken…GREAT JOB EVIE …YOU SHOULD BE PROUD …you’re project is very professional and deserves a broad audience…GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE CAREER….EXCELLENT!!! Curtis Richard

    1. For 157 miles Henry Flagler removed high PH calcium carbonate coquina for his Rail Road bed and later more was used to pave historic US 1. Historic barometric pressure gage was little more than a reed in a bottle. Before hurricanes and storms micro bubbles would form and suspend reed in bottle. Then people knew storm was on the way. For 157 miles micro bubbles would form on all organic material and waves from storm would bring it all to shore where it would churn violently in high ph calcium carbonate coquina formations. Acid would desolve the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) CO2 would go into the air and oxygen desolved into the water would speed up the chemistry between the HIGH ph pee and the low ph poop (HCL) makeing calcium cloride salt. This is a desaster of biblical perportions and the ONLY WAY to restore the lagoon is PUT THE CALCIUM CARBONATE back.

  2. Hi Evie, i’m an outdoor enthusiast and have lived in south Florida for most of my life. You caught my attention & Im so impressed with you (and your friend, Naia, ) that I had to reply!
    You’re an inspiration to all who want to know how we can be 100% on board (with you) to pay it back so we can keep our River of Grass ecosystem preserved & beautiful and not let go of the idea of how we can all contribute to the cause! I applaud you for realizing how important it is to keep this project alive⚡️ I, for one, appreciate YOU for bringing this to light for all to see the immediate & ongoing urgency! THANK YOU for your hard work!! Sooo keep it going! It’s such meaningful work and we all need to listen and preserve planet Earth💥 Great awareness video, beautifully done🌟 it is time to WAKE UP and realize what needs to be done now & for the future to preserve our National Treasure, Florida ❣️🔆🌾💚 Carry on Evie & River Kids✨✨✨🌟

  3. Terrific and powerful video – right on point! Look to show to as many audiences and viewers as possible, particularly those who are not yet sold on the need to send water south. Please keep up the good work. Florida’s waterways need you!

  4. Why spend so much time—energy—and money fighting farmers with their food in your stomach when you could be bringing the lagoon all back to how it was 100 years ago simply by putting the shell back where it was taken from?

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