Aerials for Thought

On April 27th, 2020 Ed and flew over the St Lucie River-Indian River Lagoon to get a special photo for our friend Mr Billy Escue. Some of the photos came out very well. So I wanted to share these recent photos and I think it is interesting to compare the images to where they fall within “The Total Daily Inflow Into the St Lucie Estuary” chart from the A.C.O.E. Periodic_Scientists_Call_2020-05-05 

Take a look at the graphic. What was running off as inflow those days? Mostly “tidal basin,” the area shown in a cream color. Take note of what was not discharging too. 

The SFWMD and others predict significant rain this weekend.  Afterwards, we will have to compare.

It is important to follow the rain runoff and know how it affects our river. 

~These are Aerials for Thought.

Tidal Basin.


5 thoughts on “Aerials for Thought

  1. Is this level of boat traffic normal? I am surprised at how many boats are traveling at speed…

    1. Hi Mike. Yes a lot of boats! This was the first weekend the boat ramps were opened up due to Covid-19 situation so many were out. I was worried about the manatees and dolphins but glad the people could enjoy.

  2. Hi, Jacqui: Thanks for the compelling post. You have a wonderful way of intuiting what people (Floridians especially) would like to see, given the time to think on the question (!), and of always sharing your best. I am always happy to receive your updates. That is not something I would be able to say with sincerity to a large number of others!

    I realize that, these days especially, we are loath to bring up politics, because we so tire of dead-end squabble and yet more mud-wrestling, but I felt it important to share with you that am a staunch Democrat, but have been unreasonably comforted and encouraged by your appointment to your position. That is so because I believe it critical to Florida and its future, and one of your caliber, quality, and clear passion in it, may be able to make a real difference. In this era of cynicism, even a little hope is so refreshing. For that I thank you.

    I have sent you a friend request on FB. I am very interested in Florida’s history, most of all its natural ecology, and I have a feeling we’ve much to share.

    I know you are busy; please feel no obligation on the FB thing, but I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to email to you I believe you would find of interest.

    Thanks for all, and keep your spirits up! That can be a tall order these days, but many more than you might realized are inspired by the Light in your being.

    Warm regards,


    1. Dear Paul, thank you for such a kind, well written, and encouraging comment at a time I really needed it. I believe I just friended you on FB. I am not a messenger user, but I will message you the email. Again, thank you!

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