~Cayo Costa in Photographs

I have had such a reaction to my blog post on Cayo Costa that I have decided to share more of my photos. Ed and my recent visit along this very special place will never be forgotten. A place I did not even know about, until I went;  I still am having trouble with its tongue- twister name! Thank you to those who helped protect this barrier island from development. It is a tremendous gift today, and for future generations. Enjoy.


Thankfully, it was not.


Screenshot of location iPhone


Audubon: https://www.audubon.org/important-bird-areas/cayo-costa-pine-island

Historic Cemetery: https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2277307/cayo-costa-pioneer-cemetery

General Info, Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cayo_Costa_State_Park

8 thoughts on “~Cayo Costa in Photographs

  1. For the last week or so I have been putting caqlcium sand and shell in all our rivers –streams—and creeks.The sand will turn to liquid right away and leave a thin calcium slim on everything.Milions of blue crabs eat the algae that grows on this slime and make their shells of it. This simulates the way it historicly was but thats another story—Right now blue crabs are haveing thanks giveing dinner.

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  2. FYI

    > Begin forwarded message: > > From: warren1066 > Subject: Re: [New post] The Heart of the 1947 Central and South Florida Project, the SFWMD > Date: December 13, 2018 at 3:05:50 PM EST > To: dale74@me.com > > THANKS FOR THIS. I HOPE JACQUI WILL BE APPOINTED TO NEW GOV. DE SANTIS’ COMMITTE ON RIVER/WATER QUALITY > IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE! SHE’S DOING SUCH EXCELLENT WORK! PLEASE EXPRESS THANKS TO HER, AND I ALSO > THANK YOU FOR SENDING. > > >

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