In Michael’s Wake, by John Moran

I am honored to present…
In Michael’s Wake, by guest writer, John Moran, October 2018
Florida friends, 
Scientists have been telling us for many years that in the Age of the Anthropocene, our global carbon addiction will fuel a new breed of superstorms. 
Perhaps the hurricanes of the past 14 month—Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence and now Michael—are telling us that we are fundamentally altering the climate. 
It appears a new normal may be upon us. If so, we Floridians could be in for a rough ride. 
A week after Michael made landfall, I went to the panhandle to see for myself. 
The devastation is, in a word, astonishing. 
Time now to step aside, and let the pictures do the talking…
John Moran
I begin with a beauty shot from my aerial photo flight with pilot Tom Hutchings.
Seen from high above, it’s easy to think of Florida as…resilient. 
Hard to imagine a Cat 4.9 hurricane blasted through here just a week before. But let’s look more closely…


St. Joseph Peninsula, just offshore from Mexico Beach
Transformed landscape, Mexico Beach.
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Unforgettable Coast
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach
Lost cotton harvest, Calhoun County
October snow, Calhoun County
Confederate Memorial, Courthouse Square, Marianna
Jackson County
Roadside sign, near Wewahitchka, Calhoun County

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  1. In light of Mr. Moran’s warning about our interference with Florida’s climate change and the carbon problem and the rest of the scientists warnings about humans’ role in the future of our environment, please do not ask me to vote for any Republicans this year. They deny climate change, they appoint a former Monsanto executive as the head of the Fish and Wildlife Agency, they remove important regulations almost weekly……and the President is ignorant about the environment…..I cannot enable his behavior by voting for one of his supporters…at least the Democrats believe in climate change and are allowed to use that phrase…I want them to take over the EPA and DEP in D.C. and in Tallahassee.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful spread. I am passing it on to the residents where I work. Many are not computer savvy, so we will help them. (Oak Hammock at the University of Florida)

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