CRC P24 Comr. of Environmental Protection Presentation, “Save the Florida Goose”

The following are my notes, images, and basic outline for my presentation to the CRC Executive Committee for P24, Creating a Commissioner of Environmental Protection. I will present on January 11th at 11am. JTL

CRC Executive Committee Agenda:

To write to members of Exec. Committee in support or with concerns:

Notes: P24, Creating a Commissioner of Environmental Protection or “CEP.” SAVE THE FLORIDA GOOSE


~”Florida has this magical thing— that one person can make a difference…” CRC Chair Carlos Beruff, 4-12-17, interview, Florida Channel

~2 members of the public verbally presented the idea of Commissioner of Environmental Protection thus a Cabinet position for the environment during the  CRC Public Hearings that took place across the state in 2017.

~Public Proposal 700012 was submitted in written form by Mr Gamez below:

PUB 700012: To Make a Broader Approach to Protecting the Environment by Carlos Gamez

ARTICLE IV: EXECUTIVE, New Section. Catchline: Department of Environmental Protection The Legislature may create a department of Environmental Protection and prescribe its duties. The provisions governing the administration of the department must comply with Section 6 of Article VI of the State Constitution.

This led to P24, sponsored by JTL .The people were the inspiration for this proposal.

 CRC - 2017                                                  P 24
       By Commissioner Thurlow-Lippisch
       thurlowlj-00025A-17                                     201724__
    1                         A proposal to amend                       
    2         Sections 3 and 4 of Article IV and create a new
    3         section in Article XII of the State Constitution to
    4         establish the office of Commissioner of Environmental
    5         Protection as a statewide elected officer, to provide
    6         duties of the commissioner, and to include the
    7         commissioner as a member of the Cabinet.
    9  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
   10  Florida:
   12         Sections 3 and 4 of Article IV of the State Constitution
   13  are amended to read:
   14                             ARTICLE IV                            
   15                              EXECUTIVE                            
   16         SECTION 3. Succession to office of governor; acting
   17  governor.—
   18         (a) Upon vacancy in the office of governor, the lieutenant
   19  governor shall become governor. Further succession to the office
   20  of governor shall be prescribed by law. A successor shall serve
   21  for the remainder of the term.
   22         (b) Upon impeachment of the governor and until completion
   23  of trial thereof, or during the governor’s physical or mental
   24  incapacity, the lieutenant governor shall act as governor.
   25  Further succession as acting governor shall be prescribed by
   26  law. Incapacity to serve as governor may be determined by the
   27  supreme court upon due notice after docketing of a written
   28  suggestion thereof by four three cabinet members, and in such
   29  case restoration of capacity shall be similarly determined after
   30  docketing of written suggestion thereof by the governor, the
   31  legislature or four three cabinet members. Incapacity to serve
   32  as governor may also be established by certificate filed with
   33  the custodian of state records by the governor declaring
   34  incapacity for physical reasons to serve as governor, and in
   35  such case restoration of capacity shall be similarly
   36  established.
   37         SECTION 4. Cabinet.—
   38         (a) There shall be a cabinet composed of an attorney
   39  general, a chief financial officer, a commissioner of
   40  environmental protection, and a commissioner of agriculture. In
   41  addition to the powers and duties specified herein, they shall
   42  exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be
   43  prescribed by law. In the event of a tie vote of the governor
   44  and cabinet, the side on which the governor voted shall be
   45  deemed to prevail.
   46         (b) The attorney general shall be the chief state legal
   47  officer. There is created in the office of the attorney general
   48  the position of statewide prosecutor. The statewide prosecutor
   49  shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the state attorneys to
   50  prosecute violations of criminal laws occurring or having
   51  occurred, in two or more judicial circuits as part of a related
   52  transaction, or when any such offense is affecting or has
   53  affected two or more judicial circuits as provided by general
   54  law. The statewide prosecutor shall be appointed by the attorney
   55  general from not less than three persons nominated by the
   56  judicial nominating commission for the supreme court, or as
   57  otherwise provided by general law.
   58         (c) The chief financial officer shall serve as the chief
   59  fiscal officer of the state, and shall settle and approve
   60  accounts against the state, and shall keep all state funds and
   61  securities.
   62         (d) The commissioner of environmental protection shall have
   63  supervision of matters pertaining to environmental protection
   64  that the Department of Environmental Protection or its successor
   65  agency and water management districts are required or authorized
   66  by law to implement and administer.
   67         (e) The commissioner of agriculture shall have supervision
   68  of matters pertaining to agriculture except as otherwise
   69  provided by law.
   70         (f)(e) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer,
   71  and the attorney general shall constitute the state board of
   72  administration, which shall succeed to all the power, control,
   73  and authority of the state board of administration established
   74  pursuant to Article IX, Section 16 of the Constitution of 1885,
   75  and which shall continue as a body at least for the life of
   76  Article XII, Section 9(c).
   77         (g)(f) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer,
   78  the attorney general, the commissioner of environmental
   79  protection, and the commissioner of agriculture shall constitute
   80  the trustees of the internal improvement trust fund and the land
   81  acquisition trust fund as provided by law.
   82         (h)(g) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer,
   83  the attorney general, the commissioner of environmental
   84  protection, and the commissioner of agriculture shall constitute
   85  the agency head of the Department of Law Enforcement.
   87         A new section is added to Article XII of the State
   88  Constitution to read:
   89                             ARTICLE XII                           
   90                              SCHEDULE                             
   91         Recomposition of the cabinet; commissioner of environmental
   92  protection.—The amendment to Section 4 of Article IV relating to
   93  the election of the commissioner of environmental protection and
   94  the inclusion of the commissioner as a member of the cabinet
   95  shall take effect January 3, 2023, but shall govern with respect
   96  to the qualifying for and the holding of the primary and general
   97  elections for the office of commissioner of environmental
   98  protection in 2022.

THE TIME IS NOW for the Environment to get a Seat at the Table.

Florida Chamber’s population growth projections: 6,000,000 more people for a population of 26,000,000 people by 2030…

1000 Friends of Florida “A Population Distribution Scenario for the State of Florida” 2060. This shows the areas projected to become the most populated highly impacting natural lands and water resources.

FEGN- Florida Ecological Green Network Priorities,  2016. This map shows the  importance of creating a priorities  for Wildlife Corridor creation in the growing state of Florida. Done correctly we can have both growth and connected lands for wildlife and water. But we must plan now for the next 20 years and beyond. We will never have this chance again.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection map below shows Impaired Waters of the State: 53% Rivers; 82% Lakes; 32% Estuaries. This doesn’t even mention our very impacted and magnitude lessened springs.

Water management districts have individual governing boards but the Department of Environmental Protection may exercise general supervisory authority over water management districts (s. 373.026(7), Florida Statutes). I think “may” in this sentence needs to be reinterpreted. It is too weak for today’s pressures.

Creating a Comr. of Environmental Protection would elevate today’s “Department of Environmental Protection” giving it more autonomy and less impact from the often destructive and brutal pendulum swings of politics.

Agriculture already has a Cabinet seat and has a Dept of Water Quality that oversees Best Management Practices. Why shouldn’t the environment be on equal footing with Agriculture? The environment and Florida’s tourism industry are the number one income generator of the state, agriculture claims the number two spot.

We must note that since the last CRC in 1998, our waters have become even more impaired and our lands purchases are not always well represented to the Legislature or mindful of the importance of “connectedness.” Having a Commissioner of Environmental Protection would give us leadership for a higher standard, better communication, and better success for all the public to see.

Would the people of Florida support a Commissioner of Environmental Protection? Absolutely. The people of Florida have spoke loudly in 2014. Amendment 1, 2014 now in the Florida Constitution as Art X, Sec. 28 continues to be controversial as the legislature resented what they saw as forced direction of appropriations/money. Nonetheless, it was the will of the people. A Commissioner of Environmental Protection could help ameliorate this situation with the State Legislature and and the public.

*October 2016 Poll: “Top Concerns of Floridians are economy and environment.”~ Miami Herald. (Water related problems top concern 34%; 20% Loss of Natural Lands for Wildlife second.) “The focus on the environment as top concern behind the economy should not surprise anyone who has lived in Florida…Florida’s economy has long been closely linked to its environmental assets.”

As Chair Beruff stated: “Florida has this magical thing...”

We must think about this….

If we lose the magic, if will don’t protect our environment and the people’s love of it, we lose “Florida,” killing our Goose that lays our Golden Egg…

“A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They supposed that the Hen must contain a great lump of gold in its inside, and in order to get the gold they killed her. Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens. The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day…” Aesop’s Fables

In closing:

The need for Leadership; Give the Environment a Seat at the Table with a Florida Cabinet member; CRC can put P24 on the 2018 ballot and allow the electorate to vote for a Commissioner of Environmental Protection in 2022. Save the Florida Goose.

Organizational Chart for Florida 2017
P24 proposed change

Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch is a member of the 2018 Constitution Revision Commission:

6 thoughts on “CRC P24 Comr. of Environmental Protection Presentation, “Save the Florida Goose”

  1. Their are some BIG diferances between the way you see our state government and the way I see our state government. I see them as rotten to the core. They say how all the money will be spent and when they say jump the citizens of this state jump. They surround themselves with business owners and all business owners want cheep(forign) labor. Workers out number business owners 10 to one and they all want to make a decent liveing.It is no differnat from when I was a kid and all the business owners wanted fish to sell and everybody else wanted to catch their own fish to feed their family. The all for me–none for you laws allowed gillnetters to rape the environment to supply fish to the business owners while everyone else had many laws to fallow This went on for the whole time I growed up. This is a bunch of crap . It has destroyed our small family farms that should have been the backbone of our state. It has created an environment for crime to florish and once a person commits a crime it make it where they can be replaced with a forign worker who has no criminal record only because they know nothing at all about him.I want to see a government by the people –for the people–and of the people and with the internets ability to count 20 million votes in 5 seconds we can now have a government where the citizens of this great state can say how they want THEIR money spent.Thank you for letting me tell it like it is.

  2. CEP – The time is NOW. It is Ludacris that the environment is not represented at the table while interest that are raping the environment are granted front seats. A CEP must be created to represent the environment and the people of Florida’s wishes, re. Amendment 1 Captain Eddie Wightman, Islamorada, Florida KEYS

  3. Environmental protection is not a tree huger job. It is far more serious. I believe it is like I once read—environmental laws are not ordinary laws—they are laws for survival. I think the FBI and department of homeland security should be in control of it. I think Rick Scott thinks the goose that will lay the golden egg is the oil drilling companys. I believe senator Bill Nelson said that he has believed this since he came in office. I think Rick Scott has a pattern of behaveior of haveing total disregard for laws and pulling a fast one like he did with his medicare fraud. It would not surprise me if he put sewage packed with aluminum sulfate to fertilize and contaminate our countries food supply . There are a thousand ways to create an environment that will kill people and the FBI is already trained in this area. There needs to be environmental protection but NOT one that is beholden to our corrupt state government.

  4. From what I have seen and what I have read I believe clay is what held the coquina shells togather long enough for them to “fuse”and form soft and then hard “rocks” I have found a few very rare pieces of soft coquina that you could break apart with your hands. I have read they used to cut it into the desired shapes with an ax. Lately I have been useing spoil that was removed digging a canal. Rains have softened the calcium carbonate clay so I can get it now. When it dries out it will be hard.

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