10 thoughts on “You Never Miss It Until It’s Gone, St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon (#2 with links)

  1. I have given a lot of thought about the discharges and they should NEVER happen when the wind is blowing toward the discharge cannal on Lake O. I believe all the chemicals locked in acid are pushed up against the shore waiting to be sucked in.

  2. I also believe they need to stat a fire. Yesterday winds were very strong against the east shore. putting calcium sand on this shore and letting 4-5 foot waves churn it violently would put massive amounts of desolved oxygen in the water. Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the strongest known oxidizers. This would burn up chemicals locked in acid and release massive amounts of nutriants so this once dead lake can come back to life.The creatures that are now exstinct are gone forever.

  3. It has to happen. A calcium dike around an acid filled lake is the makeings for a disaster on a grand scale. Had the hurricans in 2004 been a direct hit. The acid would have turned the calcium to jello

  4. I was just getting final buckets of shells from the beach for the Melbourne beach pier and I talked to a guy who worked for the city at the beach. I told him how the other morning schools of mullet were coming across the top of water and when they got to where I put sand in they went to the bottom and all of them came to the top and pooped out sand. Their would be 20 or 30 pooping out sand at any given time.He said do you not think they were not just getting nutriants? There is a lot more that has lead me to this conclusion but this is the first time it was so obvious as to what they were doing and on a large scale. You have to remember mullet are one of the most sought after prey and if all the preditors knew what they were doing they would simply wait and ambush them. When they pooped out sand the acid in their stomach was making the algie that they feed on grow.If I can prove that mullet need calcium sand to make h2o2 to digest their food and without this there will be no mullet maby ==just maby I can see the tide turning in ALL the creatures favor.

  5. For 3 -4 weeks now there has been a little ring necked duck sitting at the end of a 10 foot floating dock at our lagoon house. He is more colorfull than the female and is presenting himself as a target for any would be preditors. At the end of the day the female will come and set with him to let him know everything is going good. It will not be long and togather they will be raiseing their family. To have dominion over the earth is to be respectfull of all the creatures. In some instances it may require using force but it definatly does NOT mean for man to be like the lion at the water hole during a drout—KILLING EVERYTHING

  6. Brent I never thought of that verse in such a way: to have dominion over the Earth means to be respectful of its creatures….I am sure you are right. I have always interpreted it to means man over the earth. Like to bend it to his will and control it….which is impossible really anyway as we are not in charge….Thanks so much for you comment and all good will to the little ring necked ducks! They are so beautiful!

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