Aerial Photographs, Lake O Discharges January 2016, SLR/IRL

1-10-16, Sewall's Point, SLR/IRL
2-10-16, 9AM Looking at peninsula of Sewall’s Point, SLR/IRL. Photo by Dave Stone and Ed Lippisch. Incoming tide pushes plume back into IRL and SLR. Witham Airport seen beyond in Stuart/Martin County.

Video of plume 2-10-16 9AM:

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Today is just straight documentation.

Today’s first photo was taken by Dave Stone a good friend of my husband and a professional pilot. Taken with an iPhone it shows and incoming tide yesterday, 2-10-16, over the once seagrass rich Sailfish Flats.

The video below the photo shows yesterday’s Lake O/canals/run-off plume having traveled out the St Lucie Inlet moving along Jupiter Island south of Bridge Road far past Peck’s Lake. The video is taken using a Go-Pro by Ed Lippisch.

These videos and photographs are helpful tools of understanding and documentation. Recent others are included below.

Thank you to my husband and the pilots of Witham Aero Club.

2-6-16 3PM:Video of discharges: St Lucie Inlet area:
2-7-16 11AM: Video of discharges St Lucie Inlet area:
Photos below 2-7-16 11AM

2-7-16 Ed Lippisch view of SL Inlet Hutchinson and Jupiter Island from ocean.
2-7-16 Ed Lippisch
2-7-16 Ed Lippisch SL Inlet and Sailfish Flats.
SL Inlet looking north from Jupiter Island
SL Inlet looking north from Jupiter Island, Ed Lippisch.

Lake O is at 16.32 feet today down from 16.36:

2 thoughts on “Aerial Photographs, Lake O Discharges January 2016, SLR/IRL

  1. Thank you so much, Jacquie. The video was gripping. I wonder if other people, not just old salts like me, see that and immediately conceptualize what is happening beneath the water, i.e. all of the trout, snook, snapper, mullet, etc gasping for oxygen as they die a horrible slow death.

  2. Once again notice the foam where the salt water meets the fresh water, Notice how clowdy the salt water is from acid in fresh water desolveing calcium sand, It is also inportyant to note that positive pressure from water being released is stopping powerfull tides from replenishing clean ocean in the lagoon. This is what has blocked our lagoon circulation here and caused a build up of ”Brown Algie”, Hopefully our rains will stop and our Sebastion river will slow down for a little while, Sweet pea— 90% of the earths crust is bound togather with an oxygen atom, If the lagoon was functioning properly oxygen in this fresh water could support an unbelievable amount of life, Your ocean would also be blue and clear because the PH of the fresh water would be the same as the PH of the salt water and there would be NO REACTION,

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