Killing Lake Okeechobee~at least since 1971

I recently received some very interesting comments about a  post I wrote in 2022 featuring  state archived documents. The title? “Summary of Progress, Final Report on the Special Project to Prevent Eutrophication of Lake Okeechobee.”  I decided to share the post again in a different way.

Sometimes looking back makes you wonder if you are going forward…

The hand written corrections and typewritten format on the document really bring it home:

Paragraph two: “The lake has been and is being degraded. Poor land and water management practices in the drainage basin threaten to further degrade and destroy the lake’s indispensable values. This was recognized as early as 1971…”


13 thoughts on “Killing Lake Okeechobee~at least since 1971

  1. Jacqui,I sure hope we have the benefit of your and Ed’s strong advocacy for the lake as a continuing member of SFWMD
    Paul Vallier

    1. Yes indeed! Jacqui & Ed are strong advocates for clean water!!! However, the FL Senate President did not allow a vote to confirm Jacqui to a second term on the SFWMD Governing Board. Sadly, the EAA farmers have far too much power in the FL Legislature.

  2. Distressing… our legislaturs don’t seem to care. Over 50 years and it seems to be getting worse.

  3. Today the eutrophication is mainly coming from the dead plants that are sprayed and then let sink to the bottom. Until we stop the spraying, this is going to get much worse.

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