Speaking For “Make A Difference!” Save Our Waters Week, Citrus County, Florida

This weekend I had the honor of being asked by the Citrus County Historical Society to speak on the final day of  the county’s “Save Our Waters Week.” The theme “Make a Difference!” Citrus County houses multiple springs, three holding the title of “first magnitude.” These once “pellucid” waters form Crystal River and then flow out to the the Gulf of Mexico.

Although my most recent title is Governing Board, SFWMD, I was clear to say the presentation was my own words and that I have been acting and speaking out as a water advocate for eleven years.

Although I cannot share my words, I think it is important to share my presentation. See if you can add the words yourself…What do Florida’s Springs and the Everglades’ Northern Estuaries have in common? How can we work together to be an even more powerful political force?

Thank you to Florida nature photographer, John Moran, for sharing his aerial photographs of the Crystal River region and for his documentation of the deterioration of Florida Springs. As with the St Lucie River, we must look below the surface to see what is really going on…and we must speak out to stop it!

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Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection, Springs: https://floridadep.gov/springs

4 thoughts on “Speaking For “Make A Difference!” Save Our Waters Week, Citrus County, Florida

  1. What do Florida Springs and the everglades Nothern Estuaies have in common—-They both have a bunch of collage people makeing everything complicated so they can rip taxpayers off for billions of dollars and in the end they will say they could not fix anything because they did not get enough money. Everytime I see state rep Randy Fines picture on facebook with his red —make the lagoon great again hat— it reminds me of the con man”mosely” in the movie paper moon. He just needs a gold tooth.I heard when Dorian threatened Florida 900 jet airliners flights were canceled in just ONE day. The problem is simple —carbonic acid rains down on florida everyday—the soloution is also simple—nutrilize the acid.

  2. I love your phrase…”cultural shift”, but it will not happen without our recognition that BIG SUGAR must be looked upon as we NOW look upon big tobacco and pass Federal Law (include in the Farm Bill) to remove sugar subsidies since they are so involved in poisoning our water have even instituted a aw suit against our “clean water”. They have always been and still are a major reason for the toxicity in our waters. Our scientists have known the “solution” for years now.

  3. On our state rep. Randy Fines sign —-Randy Fine CHAMPION OF THE LAGOON.—– Kind of like —-Joe Negron INDIAN RIVER LAGOON SUPER HERO— Good Lord—is this all it takes to steal billions and rape the taxpayer?

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