Sanibel Causeway & Waters Then and Now🌀Hurricane Ian

Todd Thurlow

Today I am trying my hand at posting while mobile. So if the two YouTube videos I share do not come through and is not linked I apologize.

Many of you who follow my blog know my brother’s “Time Capsule Flights, “and his web site Todd and I have worked together for many years documenting South Florida’s water history-past and present.

For this post, by going back and forth between present and past Google Earth images, Todd gives us a comparative view of what just was and now is. Hard to watch, but important to know. Next time it could be any of us. Our hearts are with Florida’s West Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Todd Thurlow:

2 thoughts on “Sanibel Causeway & Waters Then and Now🌀Hurricane Ian

  1. Wow. Great views and Outlook. Thanks Jacqui and Todd. Your outreach and his computer work makes for a great learning experience. Thank you both.

  2. Please tell Todd thanks. The Sanibel Causeway will take a long time to repair. The FDOT is working on building a temporary road and bridge through Matlacha; it may be completed by this weekend to start the recovery on Pine Island… We plan on returning to access our damage on Pine Island after power is restored. 🤞

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