A Tale of Friendship and 16 Hamburgers ~Post Dorian


Ed flying Billy Vaughn, Vice-President, and Tara Baldwin, President, Operation 300. The organization is in honor of son and brother Aaron Vaughn http://op300.org

Rarely have I seen my husband with such determination, and he’s very determined all of the time…

The goal?

To get his multi-generational Bahamian friend, fishing guide, Justin Sands of Marsh Harbor, a cooler of 16 hamburgers, some buns, mustard and ketchup, and a bag of tomatoes…

Ed told me he would be flying into Treasure Cay dropping off the Vaughns, president and vice-president of Operation 300, the group in Stuart, Florida, that is doing great things for the relief effort. Ed would be greeted by Stephen Leighton who along with his brother, John, are masterminding Operation 300’s coordination. Ed had hoped to get a ride to Marsh Harbor from Treasure Cay to meet Justin, about 26 miles away. That did not happen.

“Why didn’t it happen?” I asked Ed when he got home.

“Jacqui, there’s nothing left there. The beat-up cars they have, have no gas….or very little. The car they were lucky enough to have, ran out of gas.”

So after dropping off the Vaughns and not being able to get a ride, Ed asked Steve Leighton if in the course of his work, could he please deliver the hamburgers. Ed flew back to Stuart, and then something happened that could only happen today.

With Ed now back in Florida, and Steve and Justin with very limited communication service  —Stephen in Treasure Cay, and Justin in Marsh Harbor—-the three, via text messaging, and an app called WHATSAPP, coordinated the 16 hamburger drop-off.

Stephen then sent Ed a picture of Justin and he standing amidst Marsh’s destruction- red cooler in tow. Delivery achieved! Later that evening Justin sent Ed a picture of the prepared hamburgers.

When Ed shared the photos, my eyes filled with tears…

Friendship and determination are something that Dorian cannot destroy.

Justin Sands and Stephen Leighton, Marsh Harbor Sept 18, 2019.




Other photos shared by Stephen Leighton, Operation 300, 9-18-19

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  1. This made me cry as well…..


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  2. No gas ?? there are 5 golf courses near Freeport and 4 near Abaco —- everyone of these golf courses has electric golf carts. Set up these golf carts with solar power stations and rig them with converters and inverters to operater electric chain saws etc. and you are on your way to recovery useing what you have available.

  3. Actually if you modified golf cart roof with hinges so it can swing up like the trunk of a car you could mount at least 1000 watts of solar on the roof and have a mobile power station that can drive forever without needing gas. It is very inportant to have 30 to 40 degree angle so you can have peak power all day long. Stationary panels produce full power only about 4 hours a day.

  4. For yearsI pumped water 15-20 foot up and out to my dads orange trees useing two 80 watt solar panels mounted on a hand truck with 1 –100 ah battery. The pump was 1 hp .I could pump from sun up to sun down. Most wells at peoples house are 3/4-1hp.I have heard that it will be at least one year before these people have power. For around 500 dollars these people could have power for the rest of their life if nessisary

  5. There is a whole lot of solar equipment to choose from to modify and charge golf carts but I think the most inportant is to design the roof rack at a angle so that golf cart can be moved and get FULL sun all day. There are flexable and semi-flexable thin film light weight panels to choose from too.

  6. I see the ryobi tools in the guys hand. If I were to pick one tool to work with in a situation like is over there ,I would have to pick the maketta sawzall. I have one(not Battery) that I have done at least 10 demo jobs with when all the other sawzalls may last maby one job. If you make wooden chalks for golf cart to ride up on you might can tilt it to where solar panel can get full sun.

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